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Date Established 06/2017
Founder Carmel Hagen
Headquarters New York, NY
Press Contact Emma Garrett, Isetta PR


Supernatural offers premium, plant-based baking ingredients that you can trust to let your creativity shine.

Supernatural offers an array of plant-based food colors, vegan sprinkles, and allergy-friendly rainbow chocolate chips that are free of artificial colors, preservatives, and chemicals, unlike traditional, old-school decorating supplies. Instead, each vibrant color offered by Supernatural is created using hyper-concentrated vegetables and spices, which allows for 300% more vibrancy while remaining odorless and tasteless, ready to top any sweet treat.

Supernatural was launched in 2017 by Carmel Hagen with the modern baker in mind – from professional to first time bakers – with the goal of providing better-for-you essentials that makes every kitchen a classroom for creativity, healthy eating and human connection.

Founding Story

Supernatural was born from founder Carmel Hagen’s love of colorful baking from childhood through adulthood and her personal interest in exploring the boundaries of plant-based colors. She set out to research the current offerings of natural color options (of which there were very few) and why they weren’t able to perform as well as traditional dyes and concentrates. She formed an informal partnership with both big and small ‘color houses’ – which develop FDA-approved natural colors for use in food – Carmel began experimenting in her own kitchen with their guidance. For over a year, she tested out 100 natural color samples (from sources as diverse as wine grapes to purple carrots to edible flowers) through rigorous tests of heat tolerance, saturation and vibrancy, pH-sensitivity, solubility and more against the options currently on the market for home chefs.

From there, Carmel pinned down what would be Supernatural’s star natural color source and suppliers and continued to develop hands-on, in-house knowledge of natural colorants. Through her personal, hands-on testing and experimenting, Carmel was confident that she could create better, cleaner, and more vibrant baking alternatives through Supernatural.

Team Bios

Carmel Hagen


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Carmel Hagen is the founder and CEO of Supernatural, an NYC-based company making better-for-you baking ingredients for creative chefs, including plant-based food colors, vegan sprinkles and allergy-friendly rainbow chocolate chips. A Tory Burch Fellow, former child Pillsbury Bakeoff winner, and TEDx speaker, Carmel spent a decade working with tech startups and some of the world's most well known brands before setting out to reinvent the "decorative baking" category, where over 99% of products are still without natural alternatives. By pushing the boundaries of plant-based colors, replacing outdated ingredients like corn syrup and common allergens, and focusing on both performance and purity, Supernatural is leading the parade for the next generation of clean and conscious kitchen creativity.


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