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Date Established
Founder Micki Krimmel
Headquarters California
Press Contact Rachel Johnston


Superhold Pocket Capris
Superhold Pocket Capris $88.00
Superhold Pocket Bike Shorts
Superhold Pocket Bike Shorts $68.00
Superhold Sports Bra
Superhold Sports Bra $65.00
Superhold Pocket Flare Legging
Superhold Pocket Flare Legging $95.00


Superfit Hero believes that everyone deserves access to joyful movement. They support plus size athletes with premium activewear designed for their bodies and unparalleled compassionate customer service.

Founding Story

Micki founded Superfit Hero in 2015, inspired by her experience playing roller derby. Through sport, she found a deep non-judgemental connection to her body that created space for a new sense of self possession and confidence. It was a transformative experience for her and she dove headfirst into the Body Positivity movement. The more she learned about Health At Every Size (HAES) and diet culture, the angrier she became about traditional fitness marketing. She created Superfit Hero to exist as an alternative - a fitness brand that celebrates bodies as they are, not as they “should” be.


Micki Krimmel

Founder & CEO

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Micki is East Coast transplant to Los Angeles with an extensive background in entertainment and technology startups. Superfit Hero is continually evolving as a brand and Micki is continually learning how she can best serve our community. She is grateful every day that she gets the opportunity to work with our talented team. Allow her to introduce you to the amazing humans that make Superfit Hero possible.

Carrie Beth Langham

Product Manager

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Carrie Beth aka Cb (she/her) is our dedicated product expert and the newest member of the team. From obsessing the design, development and craft of their product from concept to delivery, or from driving operational excellence, she is focused solely on serving you through premium products and experiences and is a proven leader in the apparel industry. Cb is passionate about fat liberation, representation, mental health and the plus size fashion industry. In her free time, she shares body positive content on her lifestyle and travel blog, @CurvesWithKicks, and combines it with her artistic talents by creating body loving digital art and stickers.

Kristina Glass

Customer Support & Community Manager

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Kristina aka Krispy (she/they) is here to take care of you. From handling their social media, sending emails, answering your fit questions, and overseeing fulfillments and returns, Krispy is the engine that keeps Superfit Hero running on a daily basis. She’s passionate about representation and accessibility in movement, inspired by her background in roller derby. Her goal is to provide the most compassionate customer service and make sure that you feel seen along the way. Krispy is a Queer, Latinx and Indigenous (Cherokee Nation) femme and pet parent. She loves all things roller skating and gardening. Her superpower is keeping everyone organized with dreamy AF spreadsheets.

Blanca Rocha

Fulfillments Specialist

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Blanca aka Roach (she/they) picks, packs, and ships every Superfit Hero order with love. She is meticulous in her attention to detail, getting each order right and making sure to include your goodies like stickers and keychains. Roach is a roller skater and karaoke-enthusiast. Try to out-sing her, we dare you! She's also passionate about all things sewing and crocheting.


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