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Date Established 04/2016
Founder Jeff Gum
Headquarters Miami, FL
Fitness, Fashion
Press Contact Warren Lee


Men's Pocket Silkies Shorts
Men's Pocket Silkies Shorts $59.99
Women's Silkies Shorts
Women's Silkies Shorts $44.99
Men's Silkies Shorts
Men's Silkies Shorts $44.99
Men's Sunga
Men's Sunga $39.99


Sunga Life is an athletic apparel brand that is all about freedom. Veteran-founded and mission-driven, Sunga Life aims to be the brand that builds a community around doing good and looking great.

When they aren’t fulfilling orders, the Sunga Life team may be coordinating ocean conservation efforts with Force Blue, leading workouts out with athletes at The Adaptive Training Foundation, or doing backflips at Croatia Yacht Week. Strong values of service permeate the Sunga Life culture, and that culture resonates with customers who care about authenticity.

When people are wearing Sunga Life apparel they feel empowered doing what they love, whether that is hitting the gym, stepping into the octagon, surfing Pipeline, competing in an Ironman, or saving sea turtles in Florida.

Founding Story

Sunga Life began when founder Jeff Gum was an active Navy SEAL training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with the Gracie family in Rio De Janeiro. Every man at a Brazilian beach wears a sunga, which is like a Speedo, but has a wider, more attractive style and trim. From these missions to Brazil, Jeff brought back skills to train SEALs, plus a love for sungas on beach days.

Towards the end of his time in the Navy, Jeff wanted to transition into entrepreneurship and stay involved with mission-driven service. Using his Iraq reenlistment bonus to launch Sunga Life, Jeff knew that men would love this style of swimwear if they tried it once.

Since then, thousands of men started rocking sungas and the company has built up the bandwidth to serve organizations that share values with Sunga Life.

Sunga Life Values

Freedom | Celebrating freedom and happiness with our community.

Challenge | Encouraging relentless excellence of human achievement over life’s endless challenges.

Improvement | Striving for continuous improvement of every facet in ourselves and the organization.

Service | Creatively empowering partner organizations that share our values and purpose.

Team Bios

Jeff Gum served for ten years as a US Navy SEAL with two deployments to the Middle East and as a SEAL Combatives instructor where he was Lead Petty Officer and helped developed the Combatives Instructor Course. He then founded Sunga Life, a swimwear and athleisure brand all about freedom and brought it through the entrepreneurship pipeline at UCLA Anderson where he completed his MBA.

He uses Sunga Life to help veteran foundations he is passionate about and takes part in several epic charity challenges and veteran foundations including Hudson SEAL Swim, Adaptive Training Foundation as a board member, and Force Blue Team as a scientific master diver where the former special operators works alongside scientists to save the coral reef, sea turtles, and do ocean conservation.

Warren has had a career in entrepreneurship and consulting since graduating from Cal State Fullerton in 2010. He started his leadership journey by taking a nascent event company, Ace High Casino Rentals, and building it into a team of 400+ employees throughout Southern California that executed 500+ events in 2019. As the event company grew, Warren pivoted part of his time into policy consulting by accepting a position at Eos Consulting.

At Eos Consulting Warren was center stage where business and government came together. Their roles were coordinate public private partnerships and build new programs from the ground up.

The journey to UCLA Anderson was to find more entrepreneurial opportunities in a new industry. At UCLA Warren teamed up with Sunga Life to specialize in e-commerce upon graduation.

After leaving the military in 2005, Reyes became a fitness trainer at a gym in San Diego. His acting roles included playing himself in Generation Kill (2008) and the TV series Apocalypse Man, Ultimate Survival Alaska, and Spartan Race.

In 2016, Rudy Reyes founded the Force Blue Team, taking special operators- SEALS, Recon Marines, Pararescuemen, Special Forces and teamed them up with scientists to rebuild and restore coral reefs.

In 2019, Rudy began working with Navy SEAL founded swimwear and athleisure brand Sunga Life, promoting freedom through the high quality sungas, silkies, and performance board shorts.


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