STORYPOD REVEALS NEW “ELINOR WONDERS WHY” AUDIO EXPERIENCE Storypod, the audio-based edu-tainment company that launched an interactive storytelling device for kids last year, has today announced the long-awaited release of their “Elinor Wonders Why” Craftie Audio Experience
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After Storypod’s wildly successful first year, the company has used consumer insights and community feedback to release brand new Audio Experiences that are timely, relevant, and designed to not only inspire joy in children and families, but to bolster children’s early childhood development and literacy skills, all without the use of screens.

A perfect Spring and Summer addition to their ever-expanding catalog of Audio Experiences, Storypod’s newest release is the fan favorite character, “Elinor Wonders Why.” Elinor is a bunny who is very curious about the world around her and always wonders why! Her mom, Ranger Rabbit, helps to teach her all about Nature and the environment. Through music, song, and interactive storytelling, Elinor teaches children about inquiry and observation skills, friendship, and science in a fun and engaging way. This newest Audio Experience focuses heavily on learning about and encouraging curiosity in children. From learning about bees to helping in the garden, Elinor sings and tells stories that provide wonderful opportunities for families to spend quality outdoor time together.

Storypod knows that the pandemic has changed children’s learning culture, leaving many parents and caregivers struggling to find research-based educational activities for their little ones that don’t involve sitting in front of a screen all day. Storypod’s Audio Experiences provide children with interactive music, songs, activities, stories, read-along audiobooks, and trivia cards that are not only designed to support early development and literacy skills, but are fun, engaging, screen-less options!

With the newfound love of the outdoors that has been sweeping the globe during the pandemic, Storypod’s timely release of “Elinor Wonders Why” provides families with a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of pleasant weather and time off from school to go outside together: learning, having fun, and not worrying about screens with Elinor!

“We’ve seen the pandemic fostering a type of “screen-overdose” in children, as all of us - parents and educators - scramble to find new ways to safely educate and entertain our kids. Kids were already getting excessive amounts of screen time and the pandemic has enhanced those issues for everybody. We see the direction that families and educators are moving in, which is trying to provide balanced amounts of screen time to young children,” says Daniel Buelhoff, Founder & CEO of Storypod. “With this newest launch of Elinor we really wanted to support these goals of families and educators for the children who they work so hard for. Elinor is a screen-free, audio-based, edu-tainment option (like all of our Audio Experiences) and Elinor also provides an opportunity for kids and families to go outside and learn together,” he said. “We’re very excited to be working with Storypod to create a wonderful Craftie that brings the world of Elinor to life in such a creative and interactive way. The songs, the stories and the fun character moments all make for a very engaging and curiosity-inspiring experience,” said series co-creator Jorge Cham.

Storypod unlocks and ignites children’s imaginations through a 360° sound speaker that leads kids on adventures as they listen and learn from stories, songs and rhymes enabled by a charming cast of “Craftie” yarn companions. Storypod is more than just an auditory listening device. Children engage with the speaker to stimulate cognition and creativity with the interactive buttons that reveal captivating activities and trivia. The adventure begins when the smart Crafties are placed on top of the speaker to bring the Storypod to life. Packed with up to 90 minutes of preloaded audio content, the smart Crafties instantly download to the Storypod speaker. Once the content is downloaded through Wi-Fi, kids can take Storypod anywhere – outside, in the car, etc. – to enjoy uninterrupted play!

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