Storypod Releases New Staged-Based Framework For Supporting Parents With Their Children’s Early Development
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Miami, FL (April 27, 2022) – Storypod, the Miami-based startup that launched an interactive storytelling device for kids last year, has today announced a “stage-based” framework designed by childhood development experts to hone its vision of supporting parents in helping their children reach educational milestones while reducing screen time.

“As we reflect on our launch, we’re delighted that we not only managed to reach our first birthday despite significant and ongoing pandemic-related challenges but also discovered a bigger opportunity than imagined in this booming screen-free edutainment for kids space,” says Daniel Buelhoff, Co-Founder and CEO of Storypod. “As a result of closely consulting with experts in education, entertainment, and product design - in addition to feedback from our passionate community - we’ve refined our content roadmap and user experience to make screen-free engagement even easier for parents and to maximize our impact on early childhood development.”

Storypod’s new, growth-focused “Screen-Free Pathway to Learning” proposes fluid Stages of early childhood development instead of the more traditional, age-specific approaches that may be detrimental to the development of children who grow at different paces.

To create six unique “Stages” designed to support the needs of all early learners, Storypod incorporated traditional developmental milestones, grade levels, ages, lexile levels, recommendations from the CDC, and Common Core Curriculum. Each of Storypod’s six Stages in its “Pathway to Learning” are based on a supportive and gradual gradient of learning and development, rather than the traditional Pass/Fail approach to measuring a child’s success.

Storypod continues to deliver fun, audio-centric learning Audio Experiences through its interactive audio device that engages kids through tactile yarn audio characters, read-along audiobooks, and interactive Trivia Cards; now, however, it has adapted its pedagogical approach and content to be more distinctly stage-appropriate, meeting children where they are on its Pathway to Learning, regardless of age.

With this newly refined vision, Storypod is using its latest Seed investment to ramp up its content development for each of its Stages of learning and bring Storypod to more families across the US. The latest addition to the Storypod platform is its Frida Kahlo Craftie, the first in a line of historical figures that inspire little learners with child-friendly stories of humans with important legacies. Next month, Storypod will launch more licensed characters from PBS Kids, as well as a dozen new read-along audiobooks, including titles featuring another top-tier license in the kids space, the Smurfs. With many more exciting launches on the way, Storypod is looking forward to offering families an even wider array of unique, screen-free, interactive audio experiences to support their children’s learning and development.

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