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Date Established 06/2020
Founder Daniel Buelhoff
Headquarters Miami, FL
Home, Parenting, Tech, Toys & Gaming
Press Contact Daniel Buelhoff


Storypod is a screenless edutainment platform that engages children by way of immersive storytelling and unique audio experiences. Unlock and ignite children’s imaginations through a magical 360° sound speaker that leads kids on adventures, as they playfully listen and learn from original and classical stories, songs and rhymes enabled by a charming cast of “Craftie” yarn companions, books, and trivia cards. Each brings the speaker to life when placed on top of the Storypod, introducing a world of various auditory topics!

Available in English and Spanish, children can expand their cognitive thinking skills through less screen time and more spoken word story time. Storypod stimulates cognition and creativity with interactive buttons that reveal captivating activities like choose your own adventure, memory games, trivia questions and trigger special effects that bolster the entertainment factor and strengthen comprehension skills for developing minds.

Founding Story

The idea for Storypod was born out of our concerns for the increasing dominance of screens in our daily lives — especially for our kids. The more we researched the troubling consequences of excessive screen time on children, the more we felt we had to do something about it. So we did! We took our idea to Kickstarter and were blown away to become the 2nd most crowdfunded toy in 2020! 🥳

The journey that since ensued has been the wildest ride of our lives as we've managed to launch a complex IoT hardware startup in the midst of a global pandemic — a feat we could never have done without the help of over 1,500 amazing crowdfunding supporters around the world. We're endlessly grateful to our community of early supporters and investors for making this dream possible. We're thrilled to now be able to offer families around the world the gift of screen-free, educational audio-play.


Daniel Buelhoff

Founder and CEO

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Daniel is a serial entrepreneur from Berlin, Germany, nowadays residing in Miami, FL, USA with his wife and two daughters. Prior to his entrepreneurial career, Daniel earned a Diploma in Business Administration at the Technical University of Berlin and University of California, Berkeley.

After graduation Daniel went into Management Consulting and ultimately held a position as Senior Project Manager at Homburg & Partner, a strategy consulting boutique specializing in Marketing, Sales, and Pricing servicing Fortune 500 companies globally.

Daniel started his first business, Digital Marketing agency B&F, in 2006, and quickly followed with co-founding gaming company Smeet. Smeet raised +$12MM of Venture Capital, grew to over 35MM users and 8 digit annual $-revenues, ultimately being acquired by Orange Games.

In 2013, Daniel co-founded and bootstrapped eCommerce startup Gourmesso, which advanced to be the online market leader for compatible coffee capsules in Germany and the US. Shortly thereafter, he ventured into new eCommerce territories (sports equipment, pet supplies, supplements, et al.) with a focus on marketplace distribution.

In 2016, Daniel co-founded SpringtechPartners, a partnership of entrepreneurs building and investing into digital businesses across Europe and North America with currently +15 portfolio companies.

And in 2019, after successfully responding to a long year of lymphoma treatment, Daniel re-discovered his beloved old German audio tapes with his two-year-old daughter, which gave him the idea to create Storypod, an interactive podcast player for kids with the mission of providing parents with a healthy alternative to screens for both educating and entertaining their kids.


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