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Stella Falone

Quality kitchen tools and a commitment to build a socially responsible business around ethically sourced West African ebony wood.


Date Established 08/2019
Founder Bob Taylor
Headquarters El Cajon, CA
Home, Food
Press Contact Julia Nasiell



Creating a more circular economy from ebony by transforming leftover pieces into new products that support the Crelicam mill and its employees. By Creating this market for quality ebony kitchenware products, Stella Falone increases the economic value of each ebony tree and supports steady jobs with higher wages and health care at the Crelicam mill. It provides a means to greater prosperity and hope for Cameroonian families and the surrounding community.

Sourcing ebony from the small Crelicam mill in Cameroon, co-owned by their sister company, Taylor Guitars, an industry-leading acoustic guitar manufacturer. The purchase of Stella Falone cutting boards supports steady jobs with living wages in Cameroon, along with a groundbreaking ebony replanting initiative in the Congo Basin Rainforest.

Founding Story

In the process of cutting ebony for musical instrument parts, some pieces don’t fit the precise specifications for a guitar or violin fingerboard, but their exotic beauty and durability make them wonderfully suited for other types of products. As a longtime lover of food, cooking and quality kitchen products, Bob Taylor, Taylor Guitars co-founder was inspired to develop a line of kitchen woodcrafts using this wood.

A passion for quality kitchen tools and a desire to build a socially responsible business around ethically sourced West African ebony wood. These reversible ebony cutting and serving boards combine stunning aesthetic beauty, durable construction, and versatile functionality. Each board displays ebony’s exotic visual character in a unique way.




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