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Date Established 11/2022
Founder Meredith Spann
Headquarters Philadelphia, PA
Press Contact Meredith Spann


What we choose to buy and wear has always been a matter of self-expression—whether communicating about your personal style, what is most comfortable, or what makes you feel best about yourself. Steggy’s is no exception.

You shouldn’t have to cough up a crazy amount of money for a shirt we think you’ll want to wear everyday. And you also shouldn’t have to worry about replacing what we hope will be your favorite item in your closet.

Steggy's want our wearers to feel their best when they’re in one of our henleys. That’s why we put such an emphasis on the versatility, durability, and comfort of our henley. And it’s why we love to see our Steggy’s in the wild and hear feedback from all of you: we are committed to making your favorite shirt, the Henley Perfected, so you don’t have to worry about looking or feeling good—because we’ve already got that covered.

Founding Story

Founders and cousins Meredith and Matthew each bring their own story to the table on how Steggy's was created.

For Meredith, her goal was to create and deliver a shirt worth wearing. She noticed her husband's affinity towards henley-style shirts, given they are comfortable and video call appropriate, but also noticed how many he was going through in a season. The shirt would shrink in the wash, or it was too itchy, or it became stretched out. None of them met his need for a high-quality, everyday shirt. With no apparent solution, she decided to craft the perfect henley herself.

For Matthew, his goal was to keep his family business dynamic in a Covid environment. Matthew runs operations at Cramer's Uniforms, a uniform retailer for Philadelphia schools. As Covid hit, it quickly became clear that as students were not in school, uniforms were not necessary and Cramer's needed to diversify fast.

Here is where their stories come together. As part of the same family, it was an easy decision to take on the challenge to create the perfect henley shirt: a clear market need and a retail expert looking for a new project. The next 2+ years involved vetting manufacturers, iterating on our henley shirt 13+ times, and running our product countless times through the wash to ensure maximum durability. At last, Steggy's Perfect Henley was created, and Matthew and Meredith believe it is now ready to share with everyone.


The Henley
The Henley $75.00

Team Bios

Meredith Spann

Cofounder, CEO

see bio

Creating Steggy’s has been different from any other challenge Meredith has confronted professionally, but it has also been the most fulfilling. Not only am is she building and leading a company now, she am also carving out a space for women in the men’s apparel space, which is not a torch she bears lightly. And given the amount of time she spent judging what her husband wears, creating Steggy’s seemed like a more productive use of her time and expertise.

Meredith started Steggy’s as a passion project during Covid, but it soon became clear her team was onto something special. And after getting thrown headfirst into the world of clothing manufacturing and distribution, ordering and iterating, and crafting Steggy’s logo and branding the team couldn’t wait to share what we’d built with all of you.

Meredith grew up witnessing herdad create and lead his own companies. So, after graduating from Penn with a degree in biomedical engineering and spending five years working in pharmaceutical consulting, she was inspired by the example he set and took her own leap.

Steggys Henley's COO & Co-Founder Matthew Laken is no stranger to Perfection. An embodiment of his Philadelphia roots, Matthew brings grit, determination and his signature enthusiasm to everything he does. Matthew never hesitates to take a challenge head on, demonstrated by his unmatched success in a wide range of industries, including sports marketing, entertainment, fine dining, education, fashion, and more. Whether you see Matthew outfitting Philadelphia’s finest scholars in uniforms or cultivating brand new partnerships one thing is for sure, Matthew will be feeling comfortable, looking ripped and ready for any & everything in his Perfected Steggy's Henley.




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