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Date Established 06/2020
Founder Sheina Ebrani
Headquarters New York
Press Contact Eliyahu Ebrani


Stefano Navi is an ethical and sustainable jeweler, focused on creating high quality luxury jewelry made exclusively from recycled precious metals and conflict-free lab-grown diamonds. They recognize the importance of diamond jewelry in the beautiful occasions and milestones in life and strives to make these occasions as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

Stefano Navi takes pride in their efforts to contribute to a more sustainable future. All of their precious metals are fair-mined, recycled, refined, lab-created, resulting in 100% conflict-free diamonds. By using technology like, Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT), Stefano Navi is able to create real diamonds that have identical physical, optical and chemical properties as a natural diamond.

From Stefano Navi's engagement ring Home Try-On Kit to their Stefano Preferred Collection, this jeweler brings the jewelry store to the comfort of your home. They also designs custom-made jewelry, and provides virtual consultations to help you make the jewelry of your dreams. At Stefano Navi, diamonds should be nothing short of conflict-free, eco-friendly, and affordable.

Founding Story

Founded in 2020, the company developed several innovative products to make the jewelry buying process fun, easy, and stress free. Stefano Navi is a third generation family jeweler who has been evolving in the diamond world for more than four decades.

With roots in the style capital of the world, Milan, Italy, and a new home in the Diamond District in New York City, the Stefano Navi team has cultivated expertise in fine jewelry and luxury design from all parts of the world and for a range of clients. Since the beginning, the Navi family has specialized in occasion jewelry, and in recent years, we have recognized the increasing importance and growing value of conflict-free, sustainable, lab-created diamonds for engagement rings and fine jewelry. 


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