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Stay Golden Cosmetics

A one stop shop for beauty goodies made to ensure that you pop right out of your shell


Date Established 04/2017
Founder Danielle Edmond
Press Contact Sara Spiegel, With Sara PR


Luver Cosmo Glitter
Luver Cosmo Glitter $12.00
Stellar Cosmo Glitter
Stellar Cosmo Glitter $12.00
Galactica Glitter Lip Kit
Galactica Glitter Lip Kit $20.00
Hunni Glitter Lip Kit
Hunni Glitter Lip Kit $20.00
Burlesque Glitter Lip Kit
Burlesque Glitter Lip Kit $20.00


Stay Golden Cosmetics is a modern gem’s beauty hub, born on April 10, 2017 in Brooklyn, New York. From playful cosmetic products made to ensure that you pop right out of your shell, to holistic skin and self care to ensure that you glow from within, the Stay Golden women is bold, unforgettable and dynamic. Her essence is standing out from the crowd and going fiercely against the grain in beauty and in life. Confidence is at the core of Stay Golden Cosmetics, and it is especially for those who’ve spent too long playing it safe; it's time to have some fun.

Stay Golden Cosmetics is proudly owned and operated by Island Girls from the Caribbean.

Founding Story

Stay Golden Cosmetics is rooted in West Indian Culture. To pay homage, they curated the Island Girl Collection in 2018, which features a series of bold matte liquid lipsticks and lip glosses. Each shade tells a unique story which is what makes this collection so special and nostalgic. Everything about the campaign reflected and was inspired completely by their culture. The music, the style, and the attitude.

Since then, Stay Golden has gone on to create their first palette- Glamora which was created during the pandemic for the community to play dress up with their eyes.

During our journey we’ve been features in Allure, Urban Outfitters, Forbes, Pop Sugar, Beauty Insider, and on Kacey Musgrave, Nicki Minak, Cardi B and Lizzo.

The mission is to empower and push their community of gems to be their best selves. Stay Golden Cosmetics walks hand in hand with the golden rule, always ensuring that people are treated well.

Team Bios

Danielle ‘Danz’ Edmond

Danielle Edmond was born and raised in Waterford, a community in St. Catherine, Jamaica. To the naked eye, it would seem like an impoverished beginning, but it never felt like that for her. Danielle was raised and lived with her mother and grandmother where she went to church each Sunday, got good grades in school, was an athlete and a signed model.

She was signed by a local model agency Pulse, and served as Co-Captain for Jamaica's national Basketball Team before migrating to New York for college.

While in college, the nickname Danz stuck because she loved dancing. Though she studied Healthcare Management and Marketing at Monroe College, modeling opportunities led her to South Africa and Zimbabwe, where she was introduced to the illustrious world of event planning in Johannesburg.

At 20, Danielle ditched the fashion scene to partner with Dr. Gwenzi (her mentor) in event planning in Joburg. A noteworthy event that she managed was the Lutan Fiyah concert in Zimbabwe. She served as consultant to various events in Harare, Zimbabwe and Johannesburg, South Africa. Realizing her knack for planning and strategizing, Danielle went on to establish her business Danz Distributors, LLC in 2013 which is the parent company of Stay Golden Cosmetics and uQueen Organics.


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