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Date Established 07/2021
Founder Dawn Maire
Headquarters Dallas, TX
Press Contact Dawn Maire


Starla is on a mission to create ultra-premium, delicous, authentic and chic non alcoholic options for wine lovers.

Starla is the only ultra premium alcohol removed wine created for wine lovers who wish to or cannot have wine with alcohol. Starla uses only premium northern California vines, ferments them to perfection, then removes the alcohol.

They nixed the sugar, water, juice and fillers and used superior botanicals and aromatics to create a delicious, lux and full bodied wine with a fraction of the calories, carbs and sugar.

Founding Story

After searching for a non-alcoholic wine and being dissappointed by all the options on the market, Dawn began a mission to create a delicious, non-alcoholic wine capable of satisfying her adoration for wine with the aspiration of it being joyously consumed by wine lovers who wished to or could not consume alcohol. In creating Starla she had a two ‘do-not-pass-go’ initiatives. First and foremost, Starla had to be delicious. In-a-glass-on-its-own delicious. Secondly, Starla had to pair brilliantly with food - red with tapas or steak or a white with sushi or pasta. Through her research and experimentation, Dawn learned that, in order to create a quality wine, she would need to start with fermented wine, then remove the alcohol. This method ensures the mouth feel and texture that is essential in delivering a superb drinking experience. She also learned not all wine, even really good wine, lends itself to being a good alcohol-free wine. Things like acidity, vegetation stages and the fermentation period all play a part in creating the ideal non-alcoholic wine grape. So she partnered with some of California’s most exceptional growers to secure the perfect grapes to bring Starla to life. Lastly, she learned when you remove the alcohol from wine, you also take with it most of the body and flavor. Drawing on a lifetime passion of cooking, Dawn created new wine making techniques by introducing natural herbs and botanicals into the process. By using only the finest aromatics she was also able to craft a luscious full-bodied wine with a fraction of calories, sugar and carbs – and of course, none of the alcohol. In all, she vinified three exceptional varietals: Sauvignon Blanc, Sparkling Rose, and a Red Blend, each one with a signature floral nose.

From the beginning, Dawn and Jamie wanted to take an untraditional approach to branding Starla: One that was undeniably feminine, highly stylized and lifestyle-focused. With a push towards the beauty and fashion world, they worked with an amazingly talented desigh team to give Starla her fashion-forward image, from bottle to brand. The Starla label is a colorful expression of radiant light surrounding our reflective female cameo image known as "Starla". Starla represents the inner star in all of us and the brand imagery tells the story of how luminous your life can be on your terms, without alcohol.


The Collection
The Collection $90.00
Red Blend
Red Blend $30.00
Sauvignon Blanc
Sauvignon Blanc $30.00
Sparkling Rosé
Sparkling Rosé $30.00

Team Bios

Tenured advertising, digital and marketing expert, Dawn is a seasoned entrepreneur who drives epic growth via consumer centric strategies in retail, e-commerce, distribution, and product development. After graduating with a BA in Psychology from The University of Georgia, Dawn began a 20+ year career in advertising where she led consumer-centric growths strategies for blue chip companies such as Ford Motor Company, Unilever, General Mills, Heineken and Coca-Cola. Over the years, Dawn’s talent for growing business leading clients and building high performance teams set her on an executive path to head-up best-in-class agencies. Dawn’s last agency appointment: President and Chief Strategy officer of digitally focused Rockfish resulted in a successful acquisition from holding company leader WPP. Dawn left WPP to join on as President of female cult brand Poopourri. At Poopourri Dawn drove there-launch of the brand and2X+top-linerevenuegrowthbylaunching new line extensions, distributor relationships and expanding into big box retailers including Target, Costco, HEB and Walgreens. After leaving Poopourri to spend more time with grandkids and what was a VERY brief retirement, Dawn came up with the idea for Starla Alcohol Removed while she was taking a break from alcohol. Having not found a suitable non-alcoholic replacement for her beloved wine, Dawn decided to create her own, and that is when a “Starla was born”.

Seasoned brand builder, luxury fashion designer and celebrity stylist with deep roots in creating and staying ahead of consumer and retail trends. Jamie received her BA in film and BIC from Baylor University. Post-graduation, Jamie landed at a blue-chip LA talent agency as a celebrity stylist where she created fashion forward luxury looks for megabrands and A-list celebrities. Established as an LA “taste maker, Jamie went on to co-found a new accessories concept, Jamie quickly established the brand and grew into a multimillion-dollar e-commerce company before selling the company to licensing giant, Lifeguard Press. After time off to begin her family in 2018Jamieco-founded La Vie Style House, a one size luxury retail company where Jamie serves as both the designer and brand visionary. La Vie’s meteoric growth has progressed from e-commerce brand toa physical flagship store in Dallas Texas to selling to luxury retailers Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and Matches Fashion. LaVie, now a successful and established brand, has recently expanded their physical locations to Houston, Charlotte, Nashville and Palm Beach.In2020,Jamie joined on with Starla Wines as co-founder and Chief Brand and Creative Officer. Her niche in the luxury branding and creating products that are beautiful, fun and aspirational has AdAge reporting that “Starla is more Gucci than Sonoma”.




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