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Spritz Beverages

A non-alcoholic craft tea infusion, packed with antioxidants, soft bubbles, and bold flavors


Date Established 12/2019
Founder Kathryn Dougherty
Headquarters Columbus, OH USA
Press Contact Allison Bowers


Golden Peach
Golden Peach $29.99
Pink Guava
Pink Guava $29.99


Spritz Beverages is a Columbus based company that created a non-alcoholic craft tea infusion that dares to bring together soft bubbles with bold flavors. Spritz was started around a dining room table in the summer of 2016. With the table set beautifully and friends gathered around it, the evening felt incomplete without something special in our glasses. Craving something other than alcohol, Kathryn Dougherty, Spritz Beverages Founder and CEO, went to her kitchen, made a concentrate of her favorite herbal tea, and mixed it with sparkling water... Spritz was born. Aimed at providing a healthy and delicious beverage to energize the day, to celebrate victories, and inspire the next move. As a female-founded, female-operated company, Spritz Beverages are honored to reinvest the company's success back into the local community. Proudly pledging 1% of all sales to support local female-focused nonprofit organizations and gender equality initiatives; creating a community-driven by strong and confident women. Spritz Beverages are currently available in four incredible flavors ($29/12 pack): Pink Guava, Golden Peach, Wild Acai, and Bright Citrus. All four flavors offer varying levels of caffeine to help get you through your day.

Founding Story

There I was, hosting a Friday evening dinner party with my close girlfriends. The table was set beautifully and all my favorite people were there. We spent so much time around the table. With friends, celebrating a promotion. As a family, getting together after a long day at work. The table was the centerpiece of so many celebrations but alcohol wasn’t always an option.  With an early 10-mile run in the morning during ironman training meant we needed another option. Our celebration of friendship without something bubbly in our hands...well, it just fell flat. So, one night I went into the kitchen and concocted a non-alcoholic spritzer with homemade herbal tea and seltzer water from my Soda Stream. It had a little bit bubble, a lot of flavor, and it was a huge hit. This sparkling tea became a staple around my dining room table every time we got together. I hadn’t yet made the connection between this drink I loved to make, clink, and sip, and my dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Until one day, sitting around our kitchen table, a friend casually remarked “You should sell this!” and it finally clicked.


Kathryn Dougherty

CEO & Founder

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Kathryn Dougherty, MBA, is the founder of Spritz Beverages Co, a start-up that develops and markets a line of softly sparkling, boldly flavored, craft tea infusions. Recognizing a gap in the market for non-alcoholic drink alternatives, especially those that appeal to women and female athletes, Kathryn began experimenting with different flavor combinations, and after over a decade in leadership roles at a Fortune 50 organization, she made the leap into entrepreneurship.  The first four formulations of Spritz Tea are available now for sale at and customers can follow our journey on Instagram @SpritzTea.


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