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Splash Hard Seltzer

Turn any gathering into a party with Splash Hard Seltzer


Date Established 04/2020
Founder Shlomo Yashar
Headquarters hollywood, Florida
Beverage, Food
Press Contact Shlomo


At SPLASH™, we know that you want to be the life of the party. The traditional way of making unique cocktails takes a lot of ingredients and time, but you also don't want to serve or drink ordinary canned seltzers. We believe you should enjoy every part of making great cocktails: anticipating it, talking about it, making it your own, and drinking it.

SPLASH™ premium hard seltzer mix made with vodka and natural flavors is specially formulated to work with your soda machine. Now you can make custom flavored cocktails without the hassle. Bust out your soda machine, add SPLASH™ and turn every gathering into a party! Shop our flavors and see for yourself! Also, check out the Party Guide for recipes, interesting facts and party ideas. Cheers!

Founding Story

Splash Hard Seltzer is a newly launched, first of its kind premium hard seltzer mix, compatible with all home soda machines. Splash is an innovative product that takes the concept of “do it yourself” and introduces it to the hard seltzer beverage market, produced by Blu Wave LLC. Splash enables hard seltzer fans to create fresh, tasteful DIY hard seltzer cocktails from home. First of its kind product that takes the concept of “Do It Yourself”, Introduces it to the hard seltzer beverage market

Splash is an alcohol-based concentrate offered in a variety of tasty and fun flavors, such as Cucumber Mint Margarita, Mojito, Black Cherry, Lychee, Grapefruit, Sangria, and Raspberry.

Josh Yashar, creator of Splash, seeks to capitalize off two popular trends in the hard seltzer space: serve the growing demand of low-carb and gluten-free products and introduce the convenience and the do-it-yourself character to consumers in the hard seltzer space.

Shlomo Yashar, Managing Director of Blu Wave, confirms Splash will serve the public in new ways. “The Splash consumer is health-conscious and has a SodaStream©, Soda Sense© or other brand of sparkling water machine available. They purchased one of these machines because they enjoy making freshly carbonated customized beverages. They strive to reduce environmental waste from excess disposable containers,” Shlomo said. “Besides providing a great tasting and enhanced experience, Splash promotes sustainability. The audience for Splash is large and ever expanding.”

Team Bios

Results-oriented professional with a proven knowledge of brand management, client relationship management, and campaign management.


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