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Modern Pet Fashion & Accesories


Date Established 01/2017
Founder Neo Yin & Sarah Trieu
Headquarters Toronto, CA
Press Contact Neo Yin


Since 2017 Spark Paws has been a creating a new path in pet fashion and accessories. Combining top quality materials and the latest human fashion trends. Their mission is to create pet products that both the human and dog will love and love to clean, all products are machine washable. With a unique sizing guide unlike any big retailer Spark Paws continue to work to improve it with the feedback of the community.

As dog parents themselves, they understand the desire to having a pet look their best, while remaining comfortable with high quality materials not found in other pet brands. They personally test and stand by each product created. Inviting all to come join in the celebration in their passion for pets and be part of the "crazy dog parents" community!

Founding Story

Sarah her husband Neo started this business as a passion project in 2017 because they had a lot of (too much) fun dressing up our dog Stella but all the selections on the market were low quality and dull.

They took matter to their hands and started out by making a few pieces for our family and friends. Word quickly got around on social media and it turns out they weren't the only "crazy dog parents" that loved dressing up their fur babies.

Thinking this was a great opportunity to get entrepreneurial experience and dabble into e-commerce, so as a weekend/side hustle project, they created a website and started by re-selling popular dog products online in 2017. They spent all of our evenings and weekends outside of work building this company, it wasn't until late 2019 when they decided to quit their day jobs and work on Spark Paws full-time. As they got to know our customers more, they realized that if they wanted to create the best products and give their customers the best experience, they had to control every aspect of product creation - from design, to picking the right materials, to manufacturing, to packaging, to logistics. They needed to make sure everything was perfect until the customer opened their package and put Spark Paw’s products on. They pride ourselves on providing their customers the best products at the most affordable prices, so every dog can have a chance to be comfortable, warm, and stylish.

Team Bios

Neo Yin; Sarah Trieu


see bio

Before founding Spark Paws Neo worked in the venture capital industry; Sarah worked in corporate finance.

When they took on this project, they had no intention of building a global pet fashion brand. As dog parents themselves, they just thought it would be funny and cute to dress up their French Bulldog Stella in swaggy outfits and post pictures on social media. A lot of the pictures quickly got hundreds of likes, they got great response from the online dog community and people were Dming they left and right asking where to buy her outfits.


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