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Date Established 01/2019
Founder Patrick Samy
Health & Wellness, Fitness, Tech
Press Contact Patrick Samy


Span is a longevity coaching program.

They match you with a top health coach leveraging your data from wearables & devices such Eight Sleep, Oura ring, Whoop strap, Levels CGM, 23andme.

The data is used to generate and validate personalized sleep, diet & exercise recommendations – each one is a simple change over 2-3 week that they call an experiment.

The coach analyzes your data with their research team headed by their co-founder Dr. Adam Bataineh, MD based on their database with hundreds of scientific publications.

Founding Story

Span's story begins, fittingly, with a personal journey to optimize health performance. In 2016, Span CEO Patrick Samy, former competitive tennis player, had spent 3 years working 10 hours a day at a desk as an engineer, and realized his markers of long-term health in blood results were headed in the wrong direction.

Confronted with conflicting advice, a lack of support from his primary care physician, and inaccessible $50k/month concierge sports & longevity practices, he quickly realized that he could design a much more personalized approach to save him and his friend, Adam Bataineh, a longevity MD, a lot of time.

By following data from wearables such as an Apple Watch, CGM, and Oura ring, and building tools around this ultra-personalized approach to trial and error backed by Adam, he achieved amazing results. In six months, he optimized every single aspect of his sleep, diet & exercise, which led to better mental clarity, energy levels, faster recovery, and even better performance in a 1 hour tennis game.

The insights he uncovered were an order of magnitude more valuable to drive long-term health improvements incrementally than the low hanging fruits he had discovered on on his own previously.

Span has been focused on one mission – to empower people to live at their maximum healthspan. Patrick and Adam were quickly joined by registered nutritionist Rachel Lett motivated by a similar personal experience, they designed a unique health coaching experience based on this journey, leveraging technology to make it more convenient and efficient.

Along the way, the most talented, experienced, and mission-driven individuals from the halls of biomedical research, healthcare, fitness, technology, and design, have come together in service of the Span mission. And 10,000 individuals now know what it feels like to finally be in control of their longevity.

Although Span can’t directly fix the core issues of public health policies and guidelines, they work every day to give access to the best health professionals, using technology for a data-driven approach with continuous support, an approach that empowers you to unlock the next level of your health, continuously. And they will continue to do just that.

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