Sozy Clothing Brand Partners With Cleanhub to Offset Carbon Footprint Every purchase at Sozy removes .25 lbs of plastic from the ocean and can be tracked live on our website, revealing our actual impact on the planet
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ENCINITAS, CA (September 2021) - Sozy, a B-Corp certified, small female-founded clothing brand based in California, announces today their partnership with Cleanhub, a Berlin-based ocean cleanup organizing platform. “As a female owned brand born in California, you can imagine just how much we adore salt tang sunshine and watching the surf roll in. We wanted to give back to the ocean in the best way we knew how - to recover as much ocean-bound plastic as possible in the places where it would make the biggest impact.” says Lanai Moliterno, Founder of Sozy. Because of this commitment, Sozy has decided to mindfully partner with Cleanhub, in an effort to keep our oceans safe and shimmering for all to enjoy.

Cleanhub has gained notoriety for being plastic experts. The organization has brushed up on every stage of plastics life cycle, all so they can utilize the very best methods for recovery and treatment. For every product Sozy sells, Cleanhub commits to collecting .25 pounds of plastic before it can reach our oceans and wreak havoc on the environment. Any non-recyclables are turned into fuel. Cleanhub’s process is geared towards not only reducing and recovering, but also helping to empower local communities. They do this by creating a model that has the highest impact, both environmentally and socially, when it comes to living in a greener, cleaner world.

We invite you to join us on this mermaid driven mission to keep our seas sweet, salty, and clean. Every purchase at Sozy invokes positive action and this action can be tracked live on our website so you can see exactly the impact our brand and our loyal followers are having on Mother Earth.


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