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SoNo 1420 American Craft Distillers

A destination craft distillery producing ultra-premium, alternative grain, distilled spirits


Date Established 04/2019
Founder Ted Dumbauld
Headquarters South Norwalk, CT
Press Contact Ellyn Weitzman


Blaze Whisky™
Blaze Whisky™ $29.99
1420 Hemped Rye Spirit
1420 Hemped Rye Spirit $75.99
1420 BBN
1420 BBN $75.99
1420 High Vodka (100 Proof)
1420 High Vodka (100 Proof) $27.99
Vo Vodka
Vo Vodka $22.99
Le Lemon Vodka
Le Lemon Vodka $25.99


As America’s first distillery to incorporate hemp seed in its whiskey mashbills, SoNo 1420 is known for ultra-premium, award-winning spirits handcrafted on the Connecticut shoreline. Their Double Gold award-winning distillery in historic South Norwalk, is a destination unto itself; a respite for you, and the place where innovation happens, making each one of their whiskies, gins, vodkas, and ready-to-drink cocktails uniquely appealing. Hemp flower is also used as a botanical in SoNo's gin making along with hand selected botanicals that complement the indica and sativa characteristics.

Founding Story

On February 4, 1919, the Connecticut State Senate, by a vote of 14 to 20, failed to ratify the 18th Amendment, making Connecticut the first – of only two - states to defeat Prohibition. The distillery chose the number "1420” as a nod to the revolutionary spirit embodied by this vote and to symbolize the rights of personal freedom for which the brand stands. The “SoNo” pays homage to the distillery’s home, South Norwalk CT, and its storied, prohibition past. Their tasting room evokes a prohibition-era vibe and is the perfect place to taste SoNo 1420's whiskies, gins, vodkas and cocktails.

Founded on the Connecticut shoreline, and within walking distance of the vibrant nightlife of the Washington Street neighborhood, the 1800’s industrial building, designed by award winning architect Bruce Beinfield, highlights the gleaming features of the imported copper and steel still and is an iconic destination for both the neighborhood and the local region.


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