SNOW Celebrates Earth Day with Initiative to Plant Trees! SNOW Partners with One Tree Planted to Restore Forests in Celebration of Earth Day 2022
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PHOENIX, AZ., (April 22, 2022): The leader in teeth whitening, SNOW, is kicking off their Earth Day partnership with the environmental non-profit tree planting charity, One Tree Planted to focus on reforestation efforts which can restore damaged ecosystems, stabilize soil, support the water cycle, and slowly recover nature for many years to come.

In celebration of Earth Day taking place on Friday, April 22nd, SNOW will donate one dollar to One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every customer who purchases an At-Home Whitening Kit via In an effort to maximize the impact of this partnership, SNOW and One Tree Planted will be planting over 35 native species so that the full ecosystem is supported, and degraded forests can be restored. That includes soil, waterways, insects, birds, mammals, and people.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with One Tree Planted,” said Founder and CEO of SNOW Cosmetics, Josh Snow. “Environmentalism has been and always will be an important part of SNOW’s brand mission which is why we want to actively show the steps we’re taking as a company toward a more progressive and eco-friendly world. With the help of organizations like One Tree Planted, we are able to give back and contribute to reforestation efforts across all 17 of the United Nations development goals.”

In addition to SNOW’s partnership with One Tree Planted, SNOW is actively working on a sustainability promise, expected to be completed by 2025 inclusive of the development of an eco-friendly product line, achieving plastic/carbon neutrality, planting one million trees in partnership with One Tree Planted and offering sustainable, custom eco-friendly refill options, toothbrushes and more.

About One Tree Planted:

At One Tree Planted, we celebrate Earth Day for the entire month of April. Plant a tree today! Forests are one of Earth's essential ecosystems, home to more than 80% of terrestrial biodiversity and providing important resources like sustainable employment and food to countless people. Just one tree can make an impact for good by sequestering carbon to clean the air and cool the planet, creating shelter for iconic animal species, and providing fruit, gathering spaces, or other resources for local communities. When you take one minute to plant one tree for Earth Month, you're making your lasting impact on the environment, starting with the Pacific Northwest!

About SNOW:

SNOW, for skeptics, by skeptics. Millions of dollars of research to develop products that simply work everytime. The future of oral care has never looked brighter with the invention of truly revolutionary products that look and work better than anything tested on the market. We are so happy to showcase our patent-pending, award-winning teeth whitening product. The team here at Snow® has spent several years formulating and perfecting our brilliant teeth whitening system along with our entire line of award-winning beauty care. For more information on SNOW, visit and @SNOW.

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