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Low calorie plant-based snack crisps


Date Established
Founder Samy Kobrosly, Kevin Blesy
Headquarters Washington, DC
Press Contact Jeremy Sherman


Barbeque Plant Crisps
Barbeque Plant Crisps $17.99
Chesapeake Bay Plant Crisp
Chesapeake Bay Plant Crisp $12.99
Nacho Plant Crisps
Nacho Plant Crisps $1.99
Teriyaki Plant Crisps
Teriyaki Plant Crisps $12.99


SNACKLINS® started as a joke between friends to create a vegan pork rind. But what began as a joke has turned into an intentionally delicious (and accidentally healthy) low-calorie crisp made from real, fresh ingredients: yuca, mushrooms, and onions. While traditional chips and so-called “healthy” snacks are high in calories, SNACKLINS® are under 100 calories a serving; the company encourages fans to “Eat The Whole Bag®!” The crisps are gluten and grain free, vegan, kosher, non-GMO and unlike any other snack food available.

SNACKLINS® previously received an investment on Shark Tank from Mark Cuban and was rated among the top food trends of 2019 by Whole Foods. It is currently available for purchase on, Amazon, and retailers including Whole Foods (Northeast and Mid-Atlantic), Stop & Shop, Erewhon, MOM’s Organic, and select ShopRite locations. Find out more at

Founding Story

SNACKLINS was unceremoniously born in the back kitchen of a Washington D.C. barbecue joint sometime in 2015. Former radio personality and chef, Samy Kobrosly, became obsessed with the idea of a meat-free pork rind after joking with a friend about his inability to partake in the classic snack given his Muslim upbringing. After rounds of experimentation, he landed on a simple recipe of yuca, mushrooms, and onions to create a crunchy, airy, 100% vegan and plant-based crisp that resembled a pork rind.

The unique ingredients and process used for making SNACKLINS resulted in something even better: a low-calorie, grain-free, scoop-shaped crisp unlike any other snack food available. Soon, people started taking notice and SNACKLINS found its way to local bar counters and grocery shelves. In October 2019, Samy bolted through the doors of ABC’s Shark Tank and secured a deal with Mark Cuban. Since then, SNACKLINS has grown all over the country but we remain a small team committed to making delicious, healthy snacks that people love.


Samy Kobrosly

Chief Snack Bagger/Co-founder

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Samy Kobrosly is a first generation Muslim-American from Iowa whose parents immigrated from Tunisia. It just makes sense that he would create a vegan pork rind! He later pivoted this idea into a healthy, crunchy, salty snack that is under 100 calories per serving! After years in the restaurant and media industries, Samy now focuses on SNACKLINS full time as Chief Snack Bagger.

Kevin Blesy


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Kevin Blesy is currently CEO of SNACKLINS. Prior to this role, Kevin was Head of Strategy at  &pizza, a collection of fast-casual pizza shops with locations in the greater Washington, D.C., New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, and Miami areas. He worked at global management consultancy Bain & Company and private equity firm Berkshire Partners, spending significant time working with restaurants and retailers, including Portillo’s and Melissa and Doug. Kevin studied urban economic development at Yale University and received his MBA from Harvard Business School.


Whole Foods
Erewhon Market
Thrive Market
Foxtrot Market
Fresh Direct
Giant Foods


"There are these things called SNACKLINS which are the best dippers ever in the history of the world- I literally buy these things by the box!"

Mark Cuban

"They look and taste surprisingly like pork rinds, and guess what they're made of? Yuca and mushrooms!"

Rachael Ray


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