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Slurp Laboratories

Cutting-edge skincare made from innovative ingredient formulations


Date Established 04/2019
Headquarters Seoul, South Korea
Press Contact Erica Braverman


Decalt $60.00
Hyaluid $65.00
Niacid $45.00


Slurp Laboratories, a breakthrough South Korean skincare brand that launched in 2019, has been making waves with its innovative ingredient formulations and its exclusive method of altering the molecular structure of its formulas, to produce dramatic, visibly transformative results.  The brand bioengineers the molecular structure of its formulas to mimic the skin's natural sebum and lipids, which allows the products to get deeper into the skin.

Since its 2019 launch, the science-backed skincare brand has quickly become a runaway success, transcending its status as newcomer in the skincare market thanks to its hero product: Niacid, a waterless distillate formulated to treat post-acne scars and indentations. Niacid has been flying off the internet shelves, and has earned a reputation as a miracle cure for stubborn acne scars, producing hyper-transformative results in treating acne scarring and other inflammatory trauma— even raising indentations in the skin caused by acne. Following on the heels of 2019’s Niacid, Slurp Laboratories has since released two formulas: Hyaluid in 2020 and Decalt in 2021.

What sets the upstart Slurp Laboratories apart? Beyond its exclusive formulations, Slurp Laboratories bioengineers the molecular structure of its formulas to mimic the skin's natural sebum and lipids— granting its formulas invitation and deeper access into the skin—by the skin itself, which doesn’t register the ingredients as a foreign body. Slurp Laboratories was named as a result of this process, which allows each ingredient to be ‘slurped’ deep into the skin.

The brand’s Hyaluid serum was considered one of the best new K-beauty products by Allure in 2020, receiving additional praise from Byrdie. Slurp’s Niacid acne scar-healing vitamin oil was hailed as a “miracle worker” by Glamour UK. 


This buzzy Korean skincare brand, which incorporates some of the latest advancements in Korean skincare technology, has just made its way to the US. Just take a look at the before/after pictures, and you'll see why the brand has such a cult following.


Slurp Laboratories hasn't been around very long — the Korean skin-care brand is less than a year old — but we won't be surprised if this new launch makes it a household name. Hyaluid is formulated with eight different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid, contributing to this serum's ability to improve elasticity, inhibit oxidation, and give skin a generally firmer and more hydrated look and feel.


[There's] a new treatment within our sights that acne sufferers are hailing as a miracle-worker for clearing their long-lasting scars in a jiffy. Yep, we are listening. Created by Korean skincare brand, Slurp, Niacid is a clear-coloured vitamin oil developed specifically to heal scar-damaged skin. Formulated with vitamin B3 and tranexamic acid, the serum works to cure "inflammatory trauma" by raising skin indentations caused by acne and other atopic disorders.

Glamour UK


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