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Date Established 07/2020
Founder Kenyé Pierce
Headquarters Fort Worth, Texas
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Kenye


Skin Flo is a line of sustainable, non-toxic, skin-loving bath, body care, and aromatherapy products for moms-to-be, mamas going through the postpartum transition into motherhood, and women who value conscious beauty self-care rituals. We believe that the best way to care for your skin on your body is by providing the most effective products possible without compromising on quality or using harmful ingredients. Our formulations are small-batch made and inspired by herbal remedies to promote wellness when the skin on your body needs it the most.

Founding Story

The thought of starting Skin Flo came about when CEO and Founder Kenyé Pierce was pregnant with her second child. All of the effects of pregnancy, such as dealing with an itchy growing belly, stretch marks, dry skin, and a host of other pregnancy-related issues, along with being really tired most days, led Kenyé to skip the weekly self-care rituals she used to do before she was pregnant. In her mind, that definitely had to change. Kenyé's pregnancy was considered to be "high-risk", so she was extra cautious about what went in and on her body during this time.

That meant that whatever products she used had to be safe—and they needed to work. After searching day after day for that one body care product that would help soothe her skin, Kenyé realized that there wasn't anything good on the market. Products that claimed to be safe had a bunch of ingredients that were not deemed safe for women who were expecting. After not finding products that would soothe her itchy, growing belly and her get back to doing her weekly self-care rituals, Kenyé got inspired to start making her own body care products. After doing extensive research on ingredients and learning how to formulate a quality product, Kenyé crafted a product that not only solved her pregnancy skin issues, but a product that she could continue using long after pregnancy.


Nourish & Illuminate Body Oil
Nourish & Illuminate Body Oil $39.00
Cacao Shea Body Melt
Cacao Shea Body Melt $46.00
Sugar Mint Nourishing Body Scrub
Sugar Mint Nourishing Body Scrub $32.00
Uplift All Natural Salt Bath
Uplift All Natural Salt Bath $23.00
Soothe Salt All Natural Bath Soak
Soothe Salt All Natural Bath Soak $24.00
Sugar Shea Exfoliating Body Buff
Sugar Shea Exfoliating Body Buff $26.00
Velour Beauty Oil
Velour Beauty Oil $28.00
Mega Glow Hydration Duo
Mega Glow Hydration Duo $47.00
Relax & Renew Nourishing Body Scrub
Relax & Renew Nourishing Body Scrub $32.00

Team Bios

Kenyé, a professional Graphic Designer with over 15+ years of experience in the field turned to skincare formulation and founded Skin Flo. Originally from North Carolina and now living in Texas with her family, Kenyé has a passion for sustainable and organic body care that helps the skin and the environment. After struggling to find safe and effective body care products during her own pregnancy, Kenyé decided to create her own bath, body care, and aromatherapy line, Skin Flo, to help other moms find high-quality and safe products. Her dedication to using organic and sustainable ingredients ensures that each product is not only effective but also gentle on the skin and the environment.

When not busy in the lab formulating new products, Kenyé enjoys spending time outdoors, cooking, and making memories with her family. With her commitment to sustainability and crafting non-toxic products, Kenyé is making waves in the body care industry and helping moms everywhere feel confident in the products they use.




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