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Date Established 11/2021
Founder Courtney Scioli
Headquarters Houston
Tech, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Courtney Scioli


simply. - nutritional tips App
simply. - nutritional tips App $5.99


Simply is not a diet or weight loss program, they are a nutrition based app that sends daily health tips directly to your phone. Their focus is on teaching people how to be healthy by providing them with the nutrition information they need to make healthy lifestyle choices. Their tips are created by certified nutritionists and sent out based on the users selected time. The helpful health and nutrition advice the app provides makes it easy for anyone to change their lifestyle and is accessible to everyone.

Once a quarter, simply takes a percentage of app subscription revenue and donates it to kids nutrition programs across the globe as an initiative to help kids create a healthy foundation from the start.

Founding Story

The foundation of simply is based on how their founder got healthy. She has spent over a decade learning about nutrition through many different sources and applying that knowledge to everyday life. At simply we don't believe in fad diets, being restrictive, or cutting out certain food groups. simply takes users back to the basics and teaches people the things they need to know to live a healthy lifestyle for life.

Team Bios

Courtney Scioli is a certified nutritionist, holistic health coach, 200-hour registered yoga instructor, and passionate advocate for health and nutrition. Courtney studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, American Fitness Professionals & Associates, and Akasha Yoga Academy. Courtney is the founder of simply, the nutrition app that helps people get healthy. simply. provides users with the obtainable nutrition tips + knowledge people need to have a true understanding of what the right foods can do for them. a percentage of all subscription revenue goes towards kids nutrition programs every quarter. simply. can be downloaded on the Apple App Store or Google Play.


simply has influenced me and made a significant impact on my health and well-being.

Mike B.

Senior VP of Fortune 500 Company

I’m so excited that simply is finally here! I love my download simply app. I am already incorporating the tips! I use it every day! This is so simple.

Angela A.

Account Executive

simply provides great, yet obtainable tips, that I apply to my everyday life on my health journey!

Trevor B.

Strategic Finance Director

simply has actually helped me become a healthier person. I am much more conscious about what I eat and take into consideration what foods can do for me now.

Joseph K.

Energy Law Professional

I love being able to get daily tips about how to improve my health and making myself into the best version possible!

Kelsey B.

Studying Veterinarian


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