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Sensoria Health

Smart garments and artificial intelligence software solutions


Date Established 01/2018
Founder Davide Vigano & Maurizio Macagno
Headquarters Redmond, WA
Tech, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Sharlene



Sensoria Health's vision is The Garment is the Computer. Headquartered in Redmond, WA, Sensoria Health is the leading developer of the Internet of Me (IoMe) smart garments and artificial intelligence software solutions that help improve people and patient’s lives. Sensoria’s proprietary sensor infused smart garments, Sensoria Core microelectronics and cloud system enable footwear and clothing products to convert data into actionable information for patients and clinicians remotely and in near real-time.

Sensoria Health and DARCO join forces to create smart diabetic footwear. The partnership will deliver remote patient monitoring connected podiatry solutions to patients and providers. This partnership will be a joint development effort that will rapidly incorporate our technology with selected DARCO products and will create a new category of solutions for podiatrists. These new products will not only provide valuable feedback to patients but will also supply clinician's compliance and usage patterns for healing diabetic foot ulcers and reduce risk of recurrence.

Founding Story

Sensoria's Vision is the Garment is the Computer®. The two co-founders are both originally from Italy and have a combined 35+ years at Microsoft. In 2012, wearables as we know them today, did not exist and the foot was dramatically underserved in regards to technology. Sensoria Inc. was designed and developed as a B2C proof of concept illustrating that you could inject sensing technology into garments and footwear and coupled with a piece of microelectronics.

Team Bios

Davide Vigano

Co-Founder & CEO

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Davide is a former Microsoft partner level executive with thirty years of extensive product management, marketing and sales experience. He joined Microsoft in 1987 as an intern and his last role with the company served as partner level General Manager of the Health Solutions Group where he was in charge of product strategy for both the HealthVault and the Amalga product lines before they were sold to GE. He holds a master degree in business and economics from University of Bergamo (Italy), marketing and executive education from Kellogg School Management and University of Washington.

John Carpenter

VP of Business Development

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John has over 30 years in the Healthcare industry with a diverse background from experience as a healthcare software developer, Healthcare sales and marketing to starting Microsoft’s Healthcare vertical. John’s most recent role was the Vice President of channel engagement for Numera, where he was responsible for all sales and channel programs for a mobile personal emergency response system that included remote patient monitoring the industry’s most advanced fall detection system. He holds a BS in Computer Science from North Carolina State University.

Maria Pia Carmagnani

Smart Garment Engineer

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Seasoned professional with five + years of experience in the Internet of Me smart garment industry for health and fitness products.  She is a dedicated and versatile team player who excels in both dynamic and empowering environments.  Specifically, at Sensoria Health, she is responsible for smart garment development, design, prototyping and production.  She has a proven track record in fast-paced startup scenarios managing various aspects with worldwide partners and customers of smart garments, sensors and software.  Adept at leading cross-functional teams to deliver results at the speed the market demands.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the Universita degli Studi di Milano and is fluent in both Italian and English.

Maurizio Macagno (Mac)​

Co-Founder & CTO

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Maurizio has over 20 years of software and hardware design and development experience, former Xbox Live Program Manager, MCS senior consultant on top Microsoft Enterprise roll out projects in Europe.  Mac is a leader and multidisciplinary expert in sensor development, microelectronics and software development.  He holds a graduate degree in Engineering from Polytechnic of Turin in Italy.

Stefano Rossotti

Data Scientist

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In his role as data scientist, Stefano is responsible for algorithm development powering Sensoria smart garments.  He is also tasked with testing and improving Sensoria’s prototypes.  He is a dynamic and versatile member of the team where his contributions span many aspects of the product value chain.  He has held this position since 2017 after receiving his Master’s Degree in Physics from Università degli Studi di Milano.


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After working with other similar products under development in the past, we have been thrilled with both the consistency, quality, and accuracy of the data provided by the Sensoria Mat. The design of the mobile application provides all the necessary information required for the system to be an effective rehabilitation and training tool. In addition, this information is presented through an elegant and intuitive interface that has been well-received by our clinicians and patients. We are excited to continue to collaborate with Sensoria Health on refining and testing this exciting new product.

Dr. Jeffery Rankin, PhD Co-Director of Rehabilitation Engineering, Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center


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