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Sensitive Home

The next generation of cleaning solutions designed to put People Health First - especially for those with sensitivities.


Date Established 11/2020
Founder Dr Greg van Buskirk, Suzanne Sengelmann
Headquarters San Francisco, CA
Home, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Roberta Greenspan


Sensitive Home is the first ever line of cleaning products that put people’s health first. Made with patented plant chemistry, the breakthrough formulas deliver a truly powerful clean that is safe for the most sensitive among us, including the nearly 150 million Americans with allergies, asthma, sensitive skin and chemical sensitivities. Sensitive Home designs each of its household spray, dish soap and laundry detergent products with carefully curated ingredients, safe surfactants and careful processing to eliminate toxins down to the molecular level. The result is ‘Better Than Clean.™’

Sensitive Home has been certified safe by industry organizations including EPA Safer Choice, 2021 EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year, USDA BioPreferred Program®, National Eczema Association, National Psoriasis Foundation, and 'A' ratings from the Environmental Working Group (EWG).

Founding Story

It all started when a leader in the sensitive community asked our founder, Dr. Greg van Buskirk, a simple question…
Can you make cleaning products that won’t trigger chemical sensitivities and actually clean?

Having worked in the household cleaning world for 30+ years, Dr. Greg knew that many of the products claiming to be green, plant-based, and non-toxic still irritated people with allergies, asthma, skin and chemical sensitivities. And plenty more didn’t get the job done. Most so-called 'safe' products simply avoided toxic ingredients without replacing them with an effective substitute. Sensitive Home decided to take a new approach to cleaning science and started over.

An industry first, we spent 8 years working hand-in-hand with the sensitive community, examining everyday cleaning ingredients to understand why they caused discomfort for those with sensitivities. We focused on creating new, better formulas that clean (for real), eliminating known irritants, harsh chemicals, and toxic residues. The result is our patented toolkit of well-tolerated ingredients and products with true cleaning power.

Team Bios

After working 30+ years in the consumer packaged goods industry, specifically with an array of Clorox cleaning products, Greg was approached by a leader in the sensitive community, and asked a question that stumped him; “can you make a cleaning product that won’t trigger chemical sensitivities and will actually clean?”

This set in motion 8 years of learning and testing to come up with a cleaning solution that is as effective as the leading brands and truly safe for the most sensitive among us.

Greg met this challenge with strong research and development leadership skills, a knack for innovation, and an impressive portfolio of technology and product design. To no surprise, Greg’s result was a national, USDA Biobased cleaning brand free of any known toxins or allergens. With the emergence of Sensitive Home, the sensitive community could breathe a sigh of relief, because for once they were heard, and given a product that didn’t cause them pain.

With 39+ years of experience in the consumer packaged goods industry, Greg has grown into an experienced Research and Development leadership role, with an extensive portfolio of technology and product development.

With a start to her career at Clorox, Suzanne became quickly and deeply familiar with the cleaning industry and the impact harsh chemicals have on humans and the environment. Her work towards a more natural cleaning product first came as she led the launch of Clorox GreenWorks in 2008, partnering with chief scientist Dr. Greg VanBuskirk.

“I felt I had “dropped the mic” after launching Clorox GreenWorks, only to learn that Greg and I had left a lot on the table; figuratively and literally! We are here to kick things up another notch and disrupt the category once again.”

Suzanne’s fervor for mission-based brands flourished at Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP, where she spent 2 years as Chief Marketing Officer. She was led down a new path when she caught wind of Dr. Greg van Buskirk’s cleaning formulation that started with human health and resulted in a solution safer for all people with all sensitivities. She jumped at the opportunity to help bring 8 years of science to the market.

As a mother, Suzanne is inspired everyday to make the world safer for her two boys and her future grandchildren. And as someone with personal sensitivities that prevent her from using 80% of “natural” products, she experiences the true physical impact that a cleaner free from harsh chemicals, irritants, and allergens has on her skin.

With her 30+ years of building purpose-driven brands, her extensive knowledge of the cleaning industry and her zeal for making a difference, among many other reasons, she has earned the title of Chief Executive Officer at Sensitive Home. Up next on her list is to help remove chemicals from all households with the help of Sensitive Home’s Certified EPA Safer Choice cleaning products.

“I truly hope that Sensitive Home will find its way into not only homes of the sensitive among us, but households everywhere.”




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