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APRIL 14, 2022: To mark Earth Day, International circular fashion start-up AirRobe has pledged to divert 1 million items of clothing from landfill by 2023. The ambitious goal, supported by over 100 international brands, including See Rose Go, Langly, Lewis Cho and Santicler, aims to encourage more brands to make a commitment to sustainability and take leadership towards a circular ecosystem by joining the movement.

AirRobe, a pre-loved marketplace where customers can buy, sell or rent their clothes is on a mission to revolutionize fashion consumption through a circular solution, one cart at a time. AirRobe partners with brands and retailers allowing customers to save their purchases to a digital wardrobe so once they’ve worn and loved them, they can easily sell, rent, and even recycle in one click.

The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. According to the World Economic Forum, an estimated 85 per cent of all textiles end up in landfill annually, the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles going into landfill every second.

Considering the environmental and societal instability currently being faced around the world, alongside the impact of COVID-19, there is no better time for brands and individuals to commit to becoming better environmental and global citizens.

Founder and CEO of AirRobe, Hannon Comazzetto comments “Events like Earth Day encourage brands, retailers and consumers to stop, re-evaluate their relationship with our planet and assess how their collective actions can impact positive change. We’re here to help brands and consumers make more conscious choices when it comes to fashion, we do this by encouraging consumers to think about the resale value of their purchases at the point of primary sale encouraging them to invest in more high quality garments.

“The success of our pledge will be measured against the number of items our consumers add to their Circular Wardrobe, allowing them to easily extend the life of their clothing through either renting, reselling or recycling through AirRobe. We will continue to rapidly expand our retailer and brand network to ensure all consumers can access AirRobe.

Founder and CEO of See ROSE Go, Erin Cavanaugh comments “Our AirRobe partnership is an important step in our drive for mindful sustainability in plus size fashion. As a leader in quality, longer lasting plus size clothing we are backing the AirRobe pledge to take an active role in the future of fashion and our environment”.

Hannon is calling on the fashion industry to join the circular movement.

“We’re excited to celebrate this year’s Earth Day with the announcement of our 1 million pieces pledge. However, we cant make this change on our own, we need the industry to stand with us and drive towards circuality. We’re inviting fashion businesses to join AirRobe in our mission to dramatically reduce textile landfill. We remove all the friction for consumers to re-sell or rent their clothes, making it effortless to enter into re-commerce”.

To help AirRobe reduce 1 million items from landfill add your items to AirRobe through partner sites or list your items manually on the AirRobe marketplace today.

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About AirRobe

AirRobe is a tech platform for the fashion industry that enables fashion retailers and their end-customers to seamlessly enter and monetize the circular economy. AirRobe's flagship product, the AirRobe Circular Wardrobe, integrates directly into online retail stores. AirRobe allows customers to save their new purchases - including the item’s description and images - so they can rent, resell, donate or recycle on the AirRobe marketplace later in just one-click. AirRobe makes entering the circular economy easy and financially beneficial for fashion retailers and their customers.

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About See ROSE Go

See ROSE Go was launched in 2018 by former Nike colleagues Erin Cavanaugh and Yi Zhou. To reimagine how clothing should perform in daily life now and in the future, Erin and Yi leverage their Nike know-how with technical performance to reimagine how clothing should perform in everyday life. Using intentional design, technical fabrics, and mindful sustainability See ROSE Go creates beautiful clothing made to live in, become your favorite to perform for you -  bringing joy every time getting dressed.

Founders Erin Cavanaugh and Yi Zhou are long-time friends and colleagues who have a combined 40 years experience in the global fashion industry, working for premium brands such as Nike, Nordstrom, American Eagle and Converse in design, marketing and merchandising. 

See ROSE Go wants to see all women embrace their power and passion to make their impact on the world. The company is based in New York City. For more information, please visit:

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