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Date Established 05/2018
Founder Erin Cavanaugh and Yi Zhou
Headquarters NYC
Press Contact Erin Cavanaugh


See ROSE Go is a women’s clothing brand creating beautiful plus-size designs with technical fabrics to elevate everyday chic comfort. Crafted with high quality and purpose, See ROSE Go pieces are meant to be worn multiple times a week and beyond seasons. Their intentional design is where beautiful, comfortable and functional design with staying power come together. See ROSE Go designs with a simplicity that is versatile and timeless, with tech performance that enhances comfort and with a purpose that solves problems and elevates everyday experiences.

The See ROSE Go team are experts in technical fabric development. They believe better clothing should provide a solution, and if it doesn’t exist - they invent it. After a year of listening, speaking and gaining insights with women wearing plus size, prototyping and wear-testing, See ROSE GO invented a better material called CoolROSE™ Tech. Designed for style and engineered for comfort, CoolROSE™ Tech keeps you cool, dry and chic. These premium materials allow See ROSE Go to engineer garments that perform better all day, every day. In addition to intentional design using technical fabrics, See ROSE Go also designs for mindful sustainability.

See ROSE Go is committed to creating a sustainable wardrobe in a responsible, honest and modern approach. They understand that one well-constructed piece can replace several in your wardrobe. Their sustainable initiatives include partnering with ethical and certified factories, repurposing reclaimed fabrics and recyclable packaging material.

Founding Story

During a casual catch up with a friend who wears a plus size, she simply stated “You have no idea what it is like to shop for my body.” This one sentence was the emotional catalyst that launched See ROSE Go. The conversation evolved into her experiences getting dressed in the morning and how poor wardrobe options could affect her emotionally as she was trying to get out the door. As women and as fashion industry veterans, founders Erin Cavanaugh and Yi Zhou were deeply affected by the conversation. With design and fashion backgrounds, Erin and Yi were compelled to make a difference by creating a brand that offers new solutions where women feel inspired and included by fashion.

Leveraging their Nike know-how with technical performance drives Erin and Yi to reimagine how clothing should perform in everyday life. Using intentional design, technical fabrics, and mindful sustainability See ROSE Go creates beautiful clothing made to live in, become your favorite, and perform for you - bringing joy every time getting dressed.

Co-creating with customers has been a part of their holistic process since the beginning, with ongoing focus groups, surveys, fittings, and wear testing. These insights keep Erin and Yi hyper-focused on real needs and desires, and allows See ROSE Go to consistently drive innovation into material, fit, and design.

The name, See ROSE Go is a recognition of women who inspire the brand. Women who are engaged with the world, making an impact, and seeking substance that speaks to them. In a culture that focuses on how plus-size women look, See ROSE Go focuses on what women do.

Team Bios

Erin Cavanaugh, Erin Cavanaugh developed her professional acumen as a buyer at Nordstrom, where she played a role in the company’s 'customer first' experience and retail growth. Since then a consumer centric focus has been a driving ethos in her retail expertise. At Converse, Erin was in leadership positions innovating for the customer and creating the best experience for global consumers through product. Erin was recruited to Nike Inc, to lead Converse North America Merchandising Outlet division, Men's Women's and Kid's. She was then promoted to direct China Men's and Women's Apparel Merchandising. More recently Erin was the Director of Global Merchandising Women's Apparel.

Today Erin is leading innovation in the plus size fashion segment as co-founder of See ROSE Go, a premuim plus size fashion brand fusing technical material with reimagined essentials. Erin developed patent-pending material CoolROSE™ Tech as a response to insights from women sharing challenges with body heat regulation. CoolROSE™ Tech is a lifestyle cotton-based fabric with cooling, wicking performance, ANTI-pilling and soft comfort benefits.

Creative dreamers and determined doers, founders Erin Cavanaugh and Yi Zhou created See ROSE Go with a passion and the vision to see every woman thrive. Through Yi’s global creative design leadership at Nike, Converse and American Eagle and Erin’s global merchandising leadership at Nordstrom and NIKE Inc, their fashion expertise is rooted in creating clothing that elevates life experiences. Both women's personal mission is rooted in finding joy!

Erin and Yi are long-time friends and colleagues. Their partnership and collaboration thrive because of the trust and respect they have for each other while building their careers and families. Erin and Yi aim to bring this level of support to women in all aspects of their business, from design to manufacturing, to how they build our community.

Now, more than ever, Erin and Yi are humbled to be doing their part to bring connectivity, community and joy.


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