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Date Established 07/2023
Founder Jiya Patel
Headquarters Columbus, GA
E-commerce & Retail
Press Contact Jiya Patel


In today's world where luxury often means exclusivity and sky-high prices, I envisioned Saurin Jiya as a symbol of innovative and ethical luxury. My goal was to reshape the luxury jewelry scene, intertwining sustainability with unmatched craftsmanship. When you wear a piece from Saurin Jiya, you're not just wearing jewelry; you're wearing a reflection of what I believe modern luxury should represent—authenticity, conscious artistry, and affordability.

I've always believed in pushing boundaries. At Saurin Jiya, we don't just rely on conventional designs. Instead, we're committed to crafting unique in-house creations that can stand toe-to-toe with renowned high jewelry brands. And while our packaging might capture the elegance of legacy brands, our pricing is rooted in fairness and transparency. By keeping each piece under the $700 mark, I aim to offer more than just jewelry; I'm offering unmatched value.

Founding Story

From the outside, it might seem unconventional for a 14-year-old to venture into the realm of luxury jewelry. But for me, this journey has always been about more than just age or norms. It's about passion, vision, and a dream to redefine luxury. Growing up, I've always been intrigued by the world of jewels, captivated by their shimmer and stories. But as I delved deeper, I noticed a glaring gap between exquisite designs and their often prohibitive prices. I asked myself, "Why can't luxury be both beautiful and accessible?"

That question gave birth to Saurin Jiya. Every piece, every design, every decision I make is driven by the belief that luxury should be inclusive. Leading Saurin Jiya at 14 isn't just about breaking age stereotypes; it's about challenging the status quo of the jewelry industry. I wear multiple hats - from a designer brainstorming our next unique piece to an entrepreneur ensuring we maintain transparency in our pricing. With Saurin Jiya, I hope to not just build a brand, but to also inspire others, irrespective of age, to chase their dreams and make a difference.


Pride of the Wild Bracelet
Pride of the Wild Bracelet $440.00
Divine Bracelet
Divine Bracelet $375.00
Enchanted Bracelet
Enchanted Bracelet $375.00
Eternal Love Bracelet
Eternal Love Bracelet $355.00
Serenity Bracelet
Serenity Bracelet $385.00


Commitment to Tradition:

In an automated era, we honor tradition. Prioritizing handmade processes, we venerate the artisans' touch. Every sparkle in our jewelry narrates tales of dedication, echoing the beauty of time-honored craftsmanship.

Unique Founding Story:

I'm not your typical founder. At 14, I embarked on this journey, bringing a youthful zeal to luxury. My age isn't a limitation; it's a fresh lens, making Saurin Jiya a symbol of audacious innovation in the luxury realm.

Ethical Craftsmanship:

At Saurin Jiya, luxury meets conscience. Rooted in sustainability, every handcrafted piece reflects our commitment to ethically sourced beauty. In a world of mass production, we cherish traditional craftsmanship, ensuring each jewel tells a unique tale.

Innovative Designs:

We dare to be different. Moving beyond classic aesthetics, our innovative designs challenge even high jewelry giants. Plus, our packaging, curated to match legacy brands, ensures every aspect of our brand exudes unparalleled luxury.


Luxury shouldn't break the bank. Our intricate designs, though rivaling top brands, remain accessible. Priced under $700, our pieces radiate value. Unlike others marking up 3-4 times, we stand firm on fair pricing, fostering trust and transparency.

Team Bios

Hi there! I'm Jiya. My journey into the world of jewelry started in the quiet corners of Columbus, Georgia, where I would often lose myself in sketching intricate designs, even as a young girl of ten. With every pencil stroke, I imagined jewelry that wasn't just captivating in appearance, but also carried a story and purpose.

By 14, with the unwavering support of my family and driven by my vision, I took the bold step of transforming my sketches into tangible jewelry pieces. Saurin Jiya was born out of this dream. But for me, aesthetics and design are only half the equation. I am also deeply passionate about our planet, and I wanted Saurin Jiya to reflect a commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing.

Today, I am proud of the pieces we create and the values we stand for. And I'm grateful to have you accompany me on this inspiring journey. Let's redefine luxury, together.


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