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Sapiens Beverage

Real wine without the alcohol


Date Established
Headquarters New York, NY
Press Contact Tolu Obikunl


Dealcoholized Red
Dealcoholized Red $38.00
Dealcoholized Sparkling Rose
Dealcoholized Sparkling Rose $38.00


Sapiens Beverage believes in celebration, but even more than that, they believe in inclusion. Whether you're not drinking for a lifetime, 9 months, or just one round, you deserve elevated nonalcoholic options. Gone are the days of settling for "Soda, please" or sugar-laden mocktails. Sapiens is here to fill your glass.

Sapiens wine begins its journey as alcoholic wine. The alcohol is then removed through an extensive distillation process leaving them with a non-alcoholic wine with 70% fewer calories than their alcoholic equivalents.

Founding Story

Justine was inspired to start Sapiens because she's not a drinker, but during her Wall Street internships, she found herself "pretending" to drink just to fit in with her colleagues. A non-alcoholic option would have eliminated the social friction she experienced. On her journey, she found countless people who urgently need a social equivalent to wine: pregnant women, the 40% of adults who drink infrequently but want to participate, religious nondrinkers, and those following an alcohol-free lifestyle


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