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Sapiens Beverage

Real wine without the alcohol


Date Established
Headquarters New York, NY
Press Contact Tolu Obikunl


Sapiens Beverage believes in celebration, but even more than that, they believe in inclusion. Whether you're not drinking for a lifetime, 9 months, or just one round, you deserve elevated nonalcoholic options. Gone are the days of settling for "Soda, please" or sugar-laden mocktails. Sapiens is here to fill your glass.

Sapiens wine begins its journey as alcoholic wine. The alcohol is then removed through an extensive distillation process leaving them with a non-alcoholic wine with 70% fewer calories than their alcoholic equivalents.

Founding Story

Justine was inspired to start Sapiens because she's not a drinker, but during her Wall Street internships, she found herself "pretending" to drink just to fit in with her colleagues. A non-alcoholic option would have eliminated the social friction she experienced. On her journey, she found countless people who urgently need a social equivalent to wine: pregnant women, the 40% of adults who drink infrequently but want to participate, religious nondrinkers, and those following an alcohol-free lifestyle