Sapahn’s 2021 Fall Collection Launch
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Sapahn’s 2021 Fall Collection, Luminary, Launches online September 3, 2021

Launching online and at our Flagship Store in Lincoln, NE, sapahn’s new collection features four brand new handbag styles, four new accessories, edits to three past favorites and three new colors.

Sapahn, an ethical fashion brand that crafts luxury leather bags and accessories that advance human rights, announced their 2021 Fall Collection, Luminary, will be available to shop online starting September 3. Sapahn always focuses their collection launches on a bigger purpose and message, and this fall’s is all about finding light in the darkness of the world.

The newest collection is all about trailblazing women, those who have a strong conviction, have overcome adversity, or simply have given others the space to feel like they belong, are heard, are valued. All the bags are named after women in the company’s personal sphere up to those on the world’s stage, and each provides a reminder we don’t have to walk through the darkness alone. And that everyone can be a trailblazer in their own path and journey. They just have to find the light.

Featuring strong but feminine colors reflecting the power of womankind, they hope this collection illuminates customers’ paths as they carry forward and onward.

Throughout the 11 years of sapahn, I’ve honored those women in the small way of naming all of our bags’ after them–my way of sharing their stories with all of you,” shared Brooke Mullen, founder and designer of sapahn. “I hope their stories inspire you, too, and help you face the darkness like the bright and beaming light that you are.”

About Sapahn

Sapahn is a lifestyle fashion brand dedicated to beauty and equality. Known for their buttery-soft leather bags, wallets, and sophisticated details, Sapahn masters the perfect blend of timeless style and playful elegance. Founded on the belief that all people matter, the company sources fair-trade, high-quality materials that stand the test of time.

Sapahn’s mission is to harness the power of fashion to advance the rights of all people, with style that connects, empowers, uplifts, and inspires. Their luxury leather bags and accessories combine timeless beauty with lasting impact. From their origin story to their business model; how they source to the way they make; from the artisans who craft their products to the customers whose purchases support them, Sapahn believes all people are significant, everyone deserves the right to act as an agent of their own well-being, and each of us aspires to live a life full of meaning, every day. In all that they do, Sapahn stands for people.

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About Sapahn
Luxury leather bags and accessories that are advancing the basic human rights of everyone in their value chain