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Date Established 05/2019
Founder Khalia Ervin
Headquarters Atlanta, GA
Fitness, Fashion
Press Contact Khalia Ervin


Sankofa Men's Track Joggers
Sankofa Men's Track Joggers $59.99
Sankofa Women's Sports Shorts
Sankofa Women's Sports Shorts $39.99
Sankofa Sports Bra
Sankofa Sports Bra $44.99
Sankofa 'Be You' Edition T-Shirt
Sankofa 'Be You' Edition T-Shirt $40.00
Sankofa Men's Compression Shorts
Sankofa Men's Compression Shorts $44.99


Sankofa Athletics offers unique eye-catching athleisure and accessories made of high-quality materials sourced directly from their factory. Along with offering quality pieces at reasonable prices, Sankofa is backed with purpose. They move with the mission to evoke authenticity, strength, innovation, elevation, and unity amongst athletes, non-athletes, and the communities around them.

Sankofa Athletics is made up of socially and environmentally aware design leaders embracing diversity and sustainability. Their goal is to unite people one design at a time as they give back to their community.


To evoke Authenticity, Strength, Innovation, Elevation, and Unity amongst all athletes/non-athletes.


We are design leaders that look to bring innovative authentic products to athletes, non-athletes, and to the communities around the world. The goal is to unite people one design at a time, and give back to the communities that support us. Creativity and diversity is openly embraced! We are also socially, and environmentally aware. Therefore, we strive to be echo friendly and socially uplifting.


Quality Customer Service
Cultural Representation
Community Connection
Humanitarian Work 

Founding Story

Sankofa Athletics, LLC is a unity focused brand that was founded in 2019 in Los Angeles, CA by Khalia Ervin. The brand name Sankofa, is a word that originates from the Akan people of Ghana, and the logo is an interpretation of an Adinkra symbol known as Sankofa.

The symbol is designed with the bird's head facing backwards, signifying the importance of looking to the past. The egg represents useful knowledge. Therefore, the bird is looking to the past in order to retrieve useful knowledge to bring forth to the future.

My inspiration to create an athleisure apparel brand that is African inspired, consciously forward, and that promotes unity. Stems from my appreciation of fitness, the importance of living a health conscious lifestyle, and intertwining community activism within the brand. My inspiration is also rooted in my desire to bring an athleisure apparel line to athletes/non-athletes that is a reflection of US, that inspires US, and ultimately unites US.

Let’s Build! Let’s Inspire! Let’s Unite!

Team Bios

Khalia Ervin

Founder and Owner

see bio

Khalia Ervin is the founder and owner of Sankofa Athletics, LLC and Sankofa Manufacturing, LLC, a service-based business that allows her to assist emerging designers, and entrepreneurs with the entire process of designing and manufacturing their own clothing brand. All that Khalia does, is driven by purpose and for the greater good of others.

Additionally, Khalia’s current role in the workforce is as a Behavioral Specialist. She works with youth ages 5 to 18 years old who are currently on probation or a part of foster care, helping them with their behavior at home and at school. Because of this, she has been able to do a lot of community work mainly in Los Angeles, CA, and looks forward to working with youth in Atlanta, GA, connecting them with the necessary resources they need to thrive as adults.

Khalia is originally from Cincinnati Ohio. She lived in Los Angeles, CA for some time and now resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She is the first amongst her siblings to graduate from college, where she attended California State University, Northridge, and obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Welfare, and Social Justice with a Minor in Africana Studies.


"I did an IG review a week ago and I have to say it again; I LOVE THIS HOODIE & LEGGINGS! Great look and nice fit! I’m glad I purchased I love the color red and a cropped tops so this was a perfect match."


Great sweater, super comfortable and breathes easy. The design catches a lot of eyes and I enjoy wearing it!"

Luna Atlabachew

"Amazing shirt! The fit is perfect. Not constricting but hugs the chest and arms enough to give you that muscular look. The colors are flawless and beautifully placed. I got AT LEAST 10 compliments the very first day I wore this out in public. This will not be my last Sankofa item!"

Cody Collins


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