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Date Established 01/2019
Founder Casey Georgeson
Headquarters Los Angeles
Tech, Beauty, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Caroline Rogers


Luxury Beauty Serum
Luxury Beauty Serum $124.98
Hydrating Petal Cream
Hydrating Petal Cream $68.00
Bright Repair Eye Cream
Bright Repair Eye Cream $65.00
The C-Drops
The C-Drops $90.00


Inspired by SAINT JANE, a bold and determined feminist-before-her-time from the 1500s, Jane De Chantal dedicated her life to healing ​people who were shunned by society - the sick, elderly, and unwed mothers. Supporting organizations that foster change, inspire hope, call for equality and inclusivity has been Saint Jane's mission since they launched in January 2019. 

Saint Jane is passionate about organizations they believe are changing the world, one person at a time. They are proud to support The Loveland Foundation, Color of Change, National Bail Out, Lipstick Angels, Girls Crushing It!, and Humble Bloom.

They honor their namesake SAINT JANE and are committed to giving back through healing. They aim to provide those in need, a platform of hope via their social impact missions. They will continue to support organizations that encourage and make tangible differences for equality and inclusivity.

Founding Story

Casey Georgeson has spent her career creating wine and beauty brands for Sephora (Marc Jacobs Beauty, Disney, Elizabeth and James) and The Wine Group (Cupcake Vineyards, Chloe, Love Noir).

Passionate about products that bring joy to people's lives, Casey has committed herself to doing things differently. With the highest quality standards and formulas that perform time and again, she created Saint Jane, with her own skincare needs in mind. Suffering from sensitive, stressed skin, Casey discovered a powerful, effective way to combat skin irritation with beautiful, clean blends of potent botanicals. 

Timelessly beloved for thousands of years for their efficacy, the ingredients Casey uses in Saint Jane are both sacred and effective. Generations have turned to these botanicals to calm and soothe the most troubling skin issues, each one is gently extracted to optimize purity and performance.

Saint Jane Beauty pays homage to an actual Saint, who lived in the 1500s and dedicated her life to healing women. Specifically women society shunned - the very old, the very sick and unwed mothers. It's in her honor that we take a healing-centric approach to beauty with craftsmanship and heritage at the heart of everything we do. 

As a mother of three daughters, Casey is passionate about empowering women to be their best. Saint Jane supports causes like Girls Crushing It, National Bailout, Lipstick Angels and Loveland Foundation to give girls and women a brighter future. 

Casey lives outside of Los Angeles with her husband and three daughters. Her wellness philosophy is inspired by her wine and beauty heritage, with a dose of California calm. 






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