Rowdy Bars and Spartan Race Inc. Unite Rowdy Superfood Bars are the Exclusive bar for 5 of Spartan's races
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(Reno, Nev.) Rowdy Bars, known for their superfood, prebiotic and Yacon Root-powered line of nutrition bars, is proud to announce the expansion of their bars into Spartan Race, Inc. and Spartan Unbreakable Tour events. These partnerships expand Rowdy Bars’ awareness nationally, and potentially worldwide. These partnerships will reach a broader community of health-conscious consumers across the US.

Aligning with the mission to spread wellness and clean nutrition, partnering with Spartan Race, Inc. and Spartan UBT will help expand the Rowdy Bars distribution to new states and communities throughout regions of the US. Founded in 2007, Spartan Race, Inc. or also known as, the world's best obstacle races; has offered over 200 events in 42 countries. There is a race for every age or ability, which aligns with the Rowdy Bars mission; nourish, replenish, and feed the body and soul of their customers through the food they consume and encourage them to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

“We are so excited to be partnering with Spartan Race, Inc. and Spartan UBT. We feel our product and mission aligns well with all the Spartans out there and look forward to supporting them through their fitness journeys,” said Kellie Lee, founder of Rowdy Bars. “By partnering with Spartan Race, Inc. and the UBT, not only do our core values and brand mission align, but this will widely expand our brand awareness, allowing us to get in the hands of consumers and support them through their journey.”

Spartan Race, Inc. and Spartan UBT will provide access to their race fanatics, a complete line of Rowdy Bar products, including the latest product release, the Keto Chocolaty Cookie Bar.

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Established in 2018, founder Kellie Lee developed the original Rowdy Bars recipe in the comfort of her own home kitchen for the true “doers and shakers” of the world. Carefully developed with unique, clean, and powerful ingredients, including Yacon Root, a prebiotic-powered natural sweetener, Rowdy Bars delivers lasting, sustainable energy bars to fuel true go-getters. Whether you’re conquering mountain tops, spending an eight-hour day at the office, or little league tournaments, Rowdy Bars is dedicated to developing products to help overcome the day-to-day obstacles life throws you. For more information, and to view the full product line, please visit

To learn more about Rowdy Bars, or to request an interview with Rowdy Bar founder, Kellie Lee, please contact Hannah VonTour at Rowdy Bars LLC, or (775) 225-3090.

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