Rowdy Bar Launches into Kroger's division of Ralph's Rowdy Superfood Bars has 3 of their 5 flavors available in Ralph's
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(Reno, Nev.) April 7, 2021- Rowdy Bars, known for their superfood prebiotic Yacon Root-powered line of nutrition bars, is proud to announce their presence in all 465 Ralph’s stores, which are owned Kroger. With three of their five flavors going into all Ralph’s store locations, has been a major milestone.

The Keto Chocolaty Cookie Dough Rowdy Bar, Peanutty Dark Chocolate and Blueberry Almond Tart are all packed with collagen protein, nutrient-dense Yacon Root, and contain 12 ingredients or less.

As the first nutrition bar to combine collagen protein and Yacon Root, which is known to be low-glycemic and a prebiotic, sweetening agent, Rowdy Bars supplies clean nutrition to your digestive system using both prebiotics and high-quality protein sources to pack a double punch in every bite. By combining the nutrition and digestive benefits of both Bovine Collagen Protein and Yacon Root, with other superfood ingredients, Rowdy Bars aids in maintaining the health and structure of skin, bones, ligaments and muscles, aids in workout recovery, improves tissue healing, regulated blood sugar, blood pressure and aids in weight maintenance.

Produced using wholesome and clean ingredients, the Keto Chocolaty Cookie Dough Rowdy Bar provides 14-grams of protein, 10-grams of fiber, and 5-grams net carbs per bar. In addition, the Peanutty Dark Chocolate has 13-grams of protein, 10-grams of fiber, and 7-grams net carbs, making this a low-carb bar. Lastly, the Blueberry Almond Tart contains 10-grams of protein and 3-grams of fiber.

The Rowdy Bars recipe is soy-free and does not include any added sugars, sugar alcohols, or erythritol. Key ingredients to the Rowdy Bar brand include: almond butter, egg white protein, whey protein concentrate, organic Yacon syrup, grass-fed bovine collagen, coconut oil, monk fruit extract and sea salt.

The Keto Chocolaty Cookie Dough Rowdy Bar is available in twelve bar orders, and retail for $31.99, Peanutty Dark Chocolate and Blueberry Almond Tart retail at $28.99.

Wholesale information is available at

To learn more about Rowdy Bars, or to request an interview with Rowdy Bar founder, Kellie Lee, please contact Hannah VonTour at or (775)-225-3090.

About Rowdy Bars

Established in 2018, founder Kellie Lee developed the original Rowdy Bars recipe in the comfort of her own home kitchen for the true “doers and shakers” of the world. Carefully developed with unique, clean, and powerful ingredients, including the superfood, Yacon Root, a prebiotic-powered natural sweetener, Rowdy Bars delivers lasting, sustainable energy bars to fuel true go-getters. Whether you’re conquering mountain tops, spending an eight-hour day at the office, or little league tournaments, Rowdy Bars is dedicated to developing products to help overcome the day-to-day obstacles life throws you. Rowdy Bars is a proud national partner of JDRF. Rowdy Bars also has a partnership with Spartan Races. For more information, and to view the full product line, please visit

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