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Date Established 01/2018
Founder Kellie Lee
Headquarters Reno
Press Contact Hannah VonTour


Blueberry Almond Tart Bar
Blueberry Almond Tart Bar $2.99
Chocolate Coconut Cashew Bar
Chocolate Coconut Cashew Bar $2.89
Sunflower Butter N' Berries Bar
Sunflower Butter N' Berries Bar $2.89
Peanutty Dark Chocolate Bar
Peanutty Dark Chocolate Bar $2.99
Chocolaty Cookie Dough Bar
Chocolaty Cookie Dough Bar $2.99


Rowdy Bars' prebiotic superfood bars are loaded with prebiotic fiber from Yacon Root and collagen which is good for the stomach, hair, nails, and skin. They are designed to nourish and replenish your body.

Rowdy Bars is woman-owned and operated by three sisters. Their bars are Dairy-Free, Keto, and Paleo and come in 5 flavors. All of their products are non-GMO, soy-, gluten-free, low-glycemic, and have no artificial or natural flavoring, no sugar alcohols, and nothing that will trick the brain. They have been well received by both type 1 and type 2 diabetics, as well as, others living with autoimmune diseases, such as MS. However, we all need fiber and a healthy microbiome, so everyone who loves to take care of their health would benefit from eating Rowdy Bars.

Founding Story

Rowdy Bars founder Kellie, a backpacker, was exploring in the kitchen when she began experiencing chronic pain in her gut. She discovered she had gallstones and was soon diagnosed with Hypothyroid. She became one of the statistics of someone who's health suffered from gastrointestinal imbalance. After many experiments in the kitchen and research to aid her digestion, Rowdy Bars were created. Their mission is to inspire others to get rowdy about life and restore people's bodies one gut at a time.

Team Bios

Hannah VonTour

Brand Manager

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Hannah VonTour, AKA, Brand Manager at Rowdy LLC, joined the team in early 2020. Born and raised in Reno, NV attend the University of Nevada Reno and obtained a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Communication Science. When she is not working with her beloved sisters, Kellie and Lisa, she is spending time with her husband and kids. Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle has always been a focal point for her. Therefore, joining the Rowdy team was perfect! “Our goal is to work together as sisters and spread the knowledge of how to promote optimal gut-health. We are able to do that through our superfood prebiotic bars and powders.”

Kellie is the founder and CEO of Rowdy, LLC. Born and raised in Reno, NV, she received her MBA at the University of Nevada, Reno. Kellie and her husband are avid backpackers of the Sierra Mountains, paired with her love for cooking, in 2013, she was exploring in the kitchen when her own health concerns led her to create a healthy treat for her and her husband to enjoy while out on their adventures. This creation is known as the Rowdy Prebiotic Superfood Bars. Today Rowdy, LLC is 100% family-owned and operated by Kellie and her two sisters, Hannah, and Lisa. Their goals are to continue to build a company focused on gut-health and to provide customers with food options that only have premium ingredients.

Lisa Gallagher

Administrative Manager

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Lisa is the older sister and just like the other two, was born and raised in Reno, NV. In August of 2020, Lisa joined her sisters, Kellie and Hannah at Rowdy, LLC and took on the role of Administrative Manager. Our goals here at Rowdy, LLC are to create bars, and protein powders that are truly good for you and your tastebuds. Lisa is a mother of two and enjoys watching them play lacrosse. They also like to spend time together as a family in the outdoors, running and riding their bikes.


Whole Foods


“Rowdy is so good. They have the sunflower butter, peanut butter and they use the Yacon root from South America and this naturally gives it sweetness and also is a prebiotic. The prebiotics is the fiber that feeds that gut bio. Also, Rowdy has an amazing mission which is to feed your immune system, fuel your body, nourish your mind and replenish your soul.”

Kelly Springer

Keynote Speaker, Media Dietitian and Owner of Kelly's Choice

“It’s the Dish of the Day, let’s get Rowdy over Rowdy Bars! Check out this sugarless, gut-healthy protein bar that will keep you Energized!”

Dr. OZ

Televison Personality, Retired Physician


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