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Date Established 01/2022
Founder Chad Massura
Headquarters New york, NY
Press Contact Laura Ledesma


Indoor Potting Mix
Indoor Potting Mix $24.99


Rosy Soil is an Earth Positive soil company on a mission to nurture plants and the planet by crafting high quality soils from captured CO2. Our Indoor Potting mix is blended from natural, sustainable ingredients that optimize drainage, deliver key plant nutrients and support a diverse community of beneficial fungi and microbes.

Founding Story

Rosy Soil is on a mission to cultivate Earth Positivity by helping gardeners nurture plants and the planet. They try to make earth-friendly gardening as easy and understandable as possible, because they believe that individual choices can add up to make a big difference. To accomplish this, Rosy Soil tested and perfected a new soil option that has been proven to pull carbon out of the atmosphere.

Soil has an amazing ability to store atmospheric carbon. In fact, the Earth’s soil holds four times more carbon than its plants. However, as lifelong gardeners, we were frustrated and disappointed to realize that most mainstream soil products have a significant carbon footprint. Rosy Soil knew there had to be a better way. So, they specifically designed their products from the ground up to be better for your plants and the planet.

To accomplish their mission to help rebalance the carbon cycle, they've committed to making the most sustainable products possible. Their goal is to minimize our carbon footprint from the get-go, and lay a climate centered foundation to keep us poised for smart growth as they continue scale. Rosy Soil understands that before we can work to reduce our impact, we have to fully understand what that impact is, and identify opportunities to reduce emissions or waste throughout our supply chain. This is the first step in a continuous effort to improve and minimize our environmental impact.

Team Bios

Chad Massura

Founder, CEO

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Chad Massura is the founder and CEO of Rosy Soil, the first Earth Positive soil company. Chad grew up in Chicago, where he cultivated his love for gardening with his grandma in their tiny city yard. In college, he built a food delivery company and then an impact consultancy that pushed companies to undertake ESG initiatives. That work took him to Everytable, where he helped scale the company's efforts to make the food system more sustainable and accessible.

While at Everytable, Chad began to understand the impact that agriculture had on the environment, and set out to build a solution. After a year of R+D, he and his team developed a better-for-plants, better-for-planet soil that sequesters more CO2 than it emits. He now finds himself back in the garden, working to rebalance the carbon cycle one bag of soil at a time.

Jules is an organic farmer and educator with a background in vermicompost and natural farming. Prior to joining Rosy, Jules managed an urban farm in Atlanta, studied regenerative agriculture at the Rodale Institute and won a Cannabis Cup for his organic cannabis cultivation. In addition to Rosy, Jules manages a Tik Tok with over 250k followers where he educates his community about plant, soil, and planetary health.



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