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Rose & Thorn Records

Passionately building the next generation of relationships between record labels and artists.


Founder Connor Rankin
Headquarters Nashville, Tennessee
Press Contact Falon Simmons


Rose & Thorn Records is a Nashville-based record label that works independently to revolutionize the music industry. Their primary mission is establishing long-term relationships with artists by prioritizing people over business. They have created a unique work environment that fosters innovation and pushes the boundaries of modernity.

Rose & Thorn Records aims to redefine the perception of record labels by focusing on their artists' professional and personal development. They strive to achieve something that has never been seen before in the music industry and believe in fostering long-lasting connections that will stand the test of time, positively impacting the industry.

Rose & Thorn Records has positioned itself as a fully independent publisher that can exercise complete control over its artists' careers. They provide real-time revenue, streams, and performance data across various metrics and hundreds of DSPs to help their artists make informed decisions and grow their careers.

Founding Story

Rose & Thorn Records was founded to support and empower artists. The founder, Connor Rankin, witnessed several instances of labels exploiting artists with unfair deals and wanted to change this. The label is built on the principles of honesty, integrity, and respect, with a mission to transform the relationship between labels and artists. They offer fair and equitable deals with significant revenue splits and focus on artist development that extends beyond their professional lives.

During a week-long exploration of Nashville, Connor Rankin, Jared Scott (co-founder), and Connor's mother, Susan, heard first-hand experiences from local songwriters at bars, venues, and the listening room. These stories made Connor realize the dire need for his unique approach to the music industry.

Susan encouraged Connor to consider starting a record label. After discussing the idea during a 10-hour car ride back home, Connor realized that he could work in an industry that he loved and fulfill his ultimate passion of dedicating himself entirely to the success of his artists. He carefully considered the idea and decided to pursue it passionately, taking on the many complexities of the music industry.