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Precision multivitamins & at-home lab tests, tailored to you


Date Established 01/2018
Founder Rachel Sanders
Headquarters Nashville, TN
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Camille Livesay, Jack Taylor PR


Rootine Precision Multivitamin
Rootine Precision Multivitamin $69.00
DNA Test
DNA Test $115.00


Rootine unlocks better health and daily performance for members by leveraging precision nutrition. Rootine's first product focuses on optimizing cellular nutrition through a precision-personalized daily micronutrient membership and a unique digital experience where members can track and improve health. Rootine is differentiated in its test-take-track process, unmatched data and insights, and unique delivery form factor (microbeads). Rootine is helping thousands of members improve their health, from professional athletes and celebrities to high performing individuals around the U.S. Founded by Rachel Soper Sanders and Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer, PhD in 2018, the company is building a remote-first team of leading scientists, engineers, and brand marketers with headquarters in Nashville, TN.

Founding Story

Before Rachel Sanders and Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer met, they were both determined to optimize their own health and performance from different sides of the Atlantic. Daniel - a PHD, biotechnician, nutrigenetics expert, author, and founder - was busy building Europe’s leading genetics lab. Rachel, an ex-investment banker and recent HBS grad, was in the midst of founding her first company. Both fighting stress and fatigue. Both searching for better nutrition solutions. Both unimpressed by the status quo. Together, they did something about it.

Driven by a common mission — to empower millions to leverage their data to achieve optimal health — they came together to start Rootine, a precision nutrition startup rooted in science and data, combining technology, precision nutrition, and data science to help people track and improve their health.

Team Bios

Sarah Morgan is a modern-day inventor, author, speaker, formulator and clinical nutritionist. Known for her innovative ideas that connect science to everyday life, she delivers impactful, science-based solutions for common health problems. Sarah is the founder of Even, a medical company focused on improving the quality of life of medication users by addressing medication induced nutrient depletions (M.I.N.D.).

Using food and nutrients to optimize gene expression, Sarah has helped thousands of individuals with complex health issues. For more than 15 years she ran a clinical practice in Denver, enabling individuals, communities and corporations to achieve their health and wellness goals. Sarah wrote Buddies In My Belly: a story about probiotics to teach children about the microbiome. She also holds several patents including nutritional adjuvants for vaccines designed to improve vaccine response by priming and guiding the immune system.

Sarah is married to her best friend and champion, Matt, and finds her inspiration from her daughter. Sarah earned her Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. She holds a Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. She is committed to a lifestyle of learning and can be found regularly sifting through the latest scientific publications.

Rachel Sanders

CEO and Co-founder

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Rachel Soper Sanders is the CEO and co-founder of Rootine, a precision nutrition startup optimizing health and human performance. With 10 years’ experience at the intersection of health and technology, she is disrupting the market as a female founder in the male-dominated personalized health tech space.

Rachel started her career advising healthcare companies as an investment banker in the Health Care Investment Banking group at Raymond James, working in M&A and public financing transactions collectively valued at over $5 billion. She also has experience working in product and strategy at naviHealth, a VC-backed digital health company which sold to OptumHealth for a reported $1 billion.

In addition to being a founder and health tech expert, Rachel is an angel investor, having made investments across digital health, next-gen commerce, and B2B SaaS. She has been featured across Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider and more, and her writing has appeared in multiple publications including Thrive Global and Authority Magazine.

Rachel holds a bachelor's degree in Economics from Vanderbilt University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer, the CSO and Co-founder of Rootine and is a molecular biologist, geneticist, and has a doctorate in biotechnology. Previously, Dr. Wallerstorfer founded Novogenia in 2009 and has grown it to one of Europe’s top lifestyle and genetic diagnostics and innovation laboratories as well as a global pioneer in preventive genetic diagnostics (IPO in 2021) Today, Dr. Wallerstorfer is considered a leading expert in genetics, nutrition, and preventative diagnostics. In addition to being a successful serial entrepreneur, he is an author, speaker, and advisor to other well-known companies within the field. Dr. Wallerstorfer received both his bachelor’s in molecular biology and his PhD in biotechnology at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom.

Quote from Daniel: “After completing a PhD in the field of biotechnology in the United Kingdom, I realised human medical genetics was mostly utilized for damage control purposes rather than prevention measures. My goal is to innovate to find approaches focused on the prevention of genetic and chronic diseases."


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