Romer Skincare Amplifies Product Exhaustion in Today’s Beauty Industry With Latest Creative Campaign
Brand Logo Romer Skincare dividng line Nov 10, 2021

Chicago, IL (November 10, 2021) – As Romer Skincare rapidly grows, the company is excited to launch its first creative campaign, Product Exhaustion. This campaign is aimed at eliminating the guesswork from skincare and amplifying analysis paralysis.

In conjunction with the brand’s partnership with OTG CIBO Express Gourmet Markets, it has rolled out this marketing campaign across over 12,000 iPads in their terminals and concourses nationally to share the message with busy airport travelers this holiday season.

Too often, men and women are misled by ‘miracle’ products and tools that not only fail to provide real results, but then sit on the bathroom counter for months after. Romer fixes the problem of today's busy, burdened professionals with clean and simple products that provide effective results. Cleanse, Moisturize, Treat. 1, 2, 3. In our new Ad campaign, Romer cuts through traditional beauty marketing that typically exploits the female consumer and her insecurities. Romer highlights the issue of overconsumption challenging the beauty industry, that for many years has been built off of excess. Romer hopes to inspire inclusivity and simplicity – skincare shouldn’t be made for specific genders, races, ethnicities, or sexualities. With real and effective ingredients, what works for one will work for all. Skincare made for everybody.

Lauren Rome founded Romer in 2020 after spending a decade in New York City grinding in the tenacious environment of Wall Street– the stress of which often led to breakouts, dark circles, and dehydrated skin. Her skin was at its breaking point. Dealing with the same set of issues, her boyfriend, now husband, would often reach for her products in search of better results. That prompted her to wonder: why can’t I find a simple regimen that works, removes the hassle in my daily life, and has clean, high-quality ingredients that can be shared by all of us? She then embarked on a mission to create the solution she and others needed. She left her career behind and spent a year researching skincare with industry experts. At the end of this journey, she discovered the truth– that the best skin is achieved by simple ingredients and a consistent routine. Enter Romer Skincare, a line that does just that.


About Romer Skincare

Romer Skincare’s collection offers a nourishing gel-oil cleanser, a lightweight daily moisturizer, and a CBD-infused treatment mask, all of which incorporate organically grown botanicals, oils and extracts that are ethically sourced. Romer takes part in the Slow Beauty movement – which supports a ‘less is more’ approach focusing on only the essentials. The brand believes in quality over quantity. That’s why it tests for maximum efficiency through a traceable supply chain. Romer is committed to sustainability from its ingredient and packaging suppliers to its commitment to the planet. The company took a stand to become the first beauty brand to be carbon-neutral, plastic-neutral, and water-neutral, eliminating as much carbon, plastic, and water from the environment as it puts into it through its commitment to the Impact Collective via GreenPrint.

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About Romer Skincare
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