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"Rhus: Elevate Your Dishes with Authentic Lebanese Flavor!"


Date Established 06/2023
Founder Elizabeth "Lizzy" Koury
Press Contact Elizabeth Koury


Rhus is a Lebanese-American snack company that offers a za'atar blend made with sumac, a staple in Lebanese cuisine. Their za'atar is versatile and can be used in various dishes. Rhus takes pride in providing an authentic and flavorful za'atar blend without fillers or shortcuts.

Founding Story

Our za'atar is a cherished family recipe passed down from our Lebanese grandmother. We use a generous amount of sumac, responsible for the tart and lemony flavor. Traditionally, za'atar enhances the flavor of manoushe, a flatbread with olive oil and za'atar, or serves as a garnish for Mediterranean classics like labneh, hummus, or baba ghanoush. However, we encourage you to make Rhus za'atar a part of your everyday culinary adventures, treating it like your trusted salt and pepper. Sprinkle it over tomatoes, avocados, roast chicken, eggs, or even yogurt drizzled with honey for an extra burst of flavor.


Za'atar $7.99
Spicy Za'atar
Spicy Za'atar $7.99

Team Bios

Elizabeth's culinary journey spans from restaurant chef positions to private cheffing for celebrity clients, as well as collaborating with Michelin-star restaurant groups in NYC, and supporting small individual pop-ups. Beyond the kitchen, her entrepreneurial spirit shines through the successful launch of her own CPG spice and condiment company, Rhus. Rhus sets out to share her Lebanese family recipes.


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