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Revolution Cooking

Viral TikTok Smart Toasters


Date Established 11/2019
Headquarters Woburn, MA
Press Contact Colleen Neuberger, Gear Communications


Founded in 2018, Revolution Cooking aims to liberate today’s consumer from yesterday’s technologies with dynamically different cooking performances. The Revolution Toasters represents the first change in toaster heating technology in over 100 years. The patented InstaGLO® heating system offers a faster, hotter, more consistent, and precise heating experience that locks in moisture and flavor while delivering a perfectly crispy exterior. Smart algorithms calculate optimal toast time based on food type, for the ideal toast every time.

Founding Story

One Day in the Endless Office Bagel Line, We Started Asking Questions

Do you know why toasters are so slow and inconsistent? We didn't, until our frustration with long waits and burnt toast inspired us to do some research. It turns out, they're all using heating tech called either the Calrod, invented early 1900's or Nichrome wire, invented late 1800's, both painfully slow to reach full heat. If you've ever wondered why your oven takes 20 minutes to warm up, and your toaster dries your toast to cardboard consistency, it's because you're using the countertop equivalent of a museum exhibit.

This problem led us to embark on a 5-year mission to reinvent toasting from the inside out. Working with world class engineers, we developed a new, more efficient design, a proprietary alloy, and intelligent heating algorithms that adjust in real-time to the food being toasted. We named this new technology InstaGLO™ and fine tuned it with thousands of the most discerning taste testers.

We debuted InstaGLO® and the Revolution Toaster to the world, unlocking a better toasting experience through speed - to sear the bread rather than dehydrate it - for a crispy outside yet soft, tender inside. Since then, you have made us the #1 smart toaster, and we’ve received praise everywhere from Oprah, Better Homes & Gardens and The View, to CNET, Forbes and Popular Science. We are overwhelmed by the response and have never been more committed to our mission of reinventing forgotten appliances to deliver joy and great taste. It’s only the beginning.


Revolution InstaGLO® R180S Toaster
Revolution InstaGLO® R180S Toaster $349.95
Revolution InstaGLO ® R270 Toaster
Revolution InstaGLO ® R270 Toaster $399.95
Revolution InstaGLO® R180B Toaster
Revolution InstaGLO® R180B Toaster $349.95
Panini Press for Revolution InstaGLO® Toasters
Panini Press for Revolution InstaGLO® Toasters $79.97
Warming Rack for Revolution InstaGLO® Toasters
Warming Rack for Revolution InstaGLO® Toasters $29.94


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