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The modern locket that allows you to store personalized images into beautiful jewelry pieces


Date Established 10/2017
Founder Scott Shin and Hanna Zameni
Headquarters Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Press Contact Lauren Schneider



Revival Jewelry is a custom jewelry company that uses proprietary technology to store personalized images in beautiful jewelry pieces. View your stored images by holding the jewelry an inch away from your eye to peek through the gem.

Their goal is to create a community of people that want to share their stories and remember things truly worth remembering. Revial also wants to fund worthy causes along the way that are near and dear to our hearts. 

Part of the proceeds from their jewelry sales will fund local causes as well as global missions. A portion of their sales goes toward local food banks and other resources for families in need. Many of their staff members have individually volunteered countless hours this season, handing out food and care to the community.  

Founding Story

Revival was founded with a desire to see if a business could be successful by caring about people and not just profits. Is it possible to touch people’s lives in a positive way through the products we sell, the way we conduct business, and by actually caring about our customers?

They knew they had something great and exciting by the reactions they received from friends, family, and even strangers. When customers show off their products, it enables them to not only talk about the jewelry but also share the stories behind the photos contained in them. Revival strives to help commemorate your most cherished memories.


Scott Shin


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Scott Shin serves as the CEO of Revival Jewelry. Scott has previously served as a director of sales and marketing operations in various industries with over a decade of experience in electronics manufacturing and supply chain management for global fortune 500 companies, including Samsung and Arrow Electronics.

Scott and his sister Hanna founded Revival with a desire to see if a business could be successful by caring about people and not just profits. They initially birthed the idea for Revival after their losing their father. It was in an effort to make something special to commemorate him and provide a special piece of jewelry their mother could keep close to her heart to remember him by.

They knew they had a product that many others would appreciate by the reactions they received from friends, family, and even strangers. Showing off their Revival Jewelry enabled them to talk not just about the jewelry, but the story behind the photo in the jewelry. Their hope is Revival jewelry will also help commemorate your most cherished memories.


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