From DIY Wedding Favors to a Freshly Branded Craft Almond Butter Company Rachel Klein founded Revival Food Co. in her kitchen seven years ago and has been building it almond by almond ever since.
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INDIANAPOLIS, IN — Revival Food Co, a craft almond butter company based out of Indianapolis, IN, announced today that it has completed a major branding refresh. After 7 years of working to build a presence and get on more national shelves like Walmart, Revival has rebranded to represent a turning point, streamline the brand with their founding principles, like sustainability, and stay current in the extremely competitive marketplace of nut butters.

The new brand is holding true to the same name, Revival Food Co, and Klein’s original flavors, all of which are sugar, GMO and palm oil free, were thought-up in her very own kitchen. The current product names are what Revival fans know their favorites by, such as Classic, Balance Blend, Chai Time, Coco Love and more. With the reband, Revival is name-changing to more descriptive names to complement its unique flavors, such as Sea Salt Vanilla, Cinnamon Chai Spice, Rosemary Maca, Hemp Super Seeds, and Raw Cacao Coconut. The jars are moving from glass to plastic, with the intention of preventing packaging waste in shipping and to bypass risks of leakage and breakage in transit. The new jars will hold 10% more product, with room to stir. The brand will sport a new logo, new colors, and a new website.

“This rebrand has been a year in the making and an absolutely incredible process,” says Klein. “We have grown so much as a company in the last seven years! My three kids have grown up seeing their mama move mountains in an industry that’s incredibly competitive, and for that I feel proud. I can feel that Revival is stepping into a new season, and we areready for it. Our supply chain is strong, our all-female team is amazing, and we feel grateful for the process that’s made us who we are today. This year, we’re prepared to launch into

more nationwide shelves, as well as build up our e-commerce channels, so that we can continue to serve our loyal customers who are just as obsessed with our almond butter as we are.”

In the time since Revival’s inception, they’ve been featured in publications such as Reader’s Digest, Popsugar, My Recipes, and Parade Magazine. After scoring shelf space on over 1,000 Walmart stores across the country, production scaled quickly. The original branding served as Revival’s springboard into the retail food industry, and heading into 2022, the new branding and packaging will allow for even more scalability.

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About Revival Food Co

Revival Food Co. was founded in 2014 after founder Rachel Klein continually had a hard time finding products at the grocery store that were both healthy and tasty. Disappointed by this truth, Klein set out to make her own. She made the first batch in her home kitchen (which is still the Vanilla Sea Salt flavor today), and ended up giving it out to guests at her wedding.

Every jar is filled with nutrient-dense superfoods, sustainably sourced Californian almonds, and lots of handmade hustle. Klein’s vision 7 years ago still remains true today: to inspire others to eat more pure, wholesome foods on a daily basis while encouraging a holistic lifestyle that doesn’t put pressure on being skinnier, stronger, or something different than who you already are—but to honor your body and treat it well instead. Because it feels good to feel good and that’s motivation enough.

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