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Date Established 10/2014
Founder Rachel Klein
Headquarters Indianapolis
Press Contact Frankie Smeriglio


Sea Salt + Vanilla Almond Butter
Sea Salt + Vanilla Almond Butter $10.99
Rosemary + Maca Almond Butter
Rosemary + Maca Almond Butter $10.99
Cinnamon + Chai Spices Almond Butter
Cinnamon + Chai Spices Almond Butter $10.99
Raw Cacao + Coconut Almond Butter
Raw Cacao + Coconut Almond Butter $10.99
Hemp + Chia + Flax Almond Butter
Hemp + Chia + Flax Almond Butter $10.99


Revival Food's is known for their craft flavors and stone-ground texture! They never add sugar and they meticulously seek out the absolute best ingredients they can get our hands on. There’s nothing fake here.

No preservatives, no palm oil, no GMOs! Only super amazing almond butter that you’ll want to hide from the rest of your family. Go ahead, dig in with a spoon and experience the magic of our almond butter that we made for you! Best. Decision. Ever. 

Founding Story

Revival Food Co. was founded in 2014 by Rachel Klein, after reviving her passion for a holistic, clean, plant-based lifestyle. She had a hard time finding products at the grocery store that were both healthy and tasty, so like any good entrepreneur, she set out to make my own.

Rachel made this amazing recipe for almond butter (which is still our Classic today!), and gave it out to guests at her wedding. She didn't expect her fun home-project to turn into a business, but she's so grateful it did. Every jar is filled with nutrient-dense superfoods, sustainably sourced almonds, and lots of handmade hustle.

Team Bios

Rachel's vision for the company is to inspire others to eat more pure, wholesome foods on a daily basis and to encourage a holistic lifestyle that doesn't put pressure on being skinnier, stronger, or something different than who you already are — but to honor your body and treat it well instead. Because it feels good to feel good, and that's motivation enough. Rachel resides in Indianapolis with her husband and three children.


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I live off this. Revival's Hemp Super Seeds has been a fav for years (order by the case). Nothing compares. Plus. The founder is a fellow Midwesterner doing cool shit.

Jeni Britton Bauer

Founder of Jeni's Ice Cream


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