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Date Established 10/2018
Founder Mary Marbach and Jennifer Cooper
Headquarters Coral Springs, Florida
Fitness, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Mary Marbach


RestoreZ Deep Asleep
RestoreZ Deep Asleep $49.95
RestoreZ Stay Asleep
RestoreZ Stay Asleep $49.95
RestoreZ Fall Asleep
RestoreZ Fall Asleep $49.95
RestoreZ Sleep Nutrition
RestoreZ Sleep Nutrition $29.95
RestoreZ Immunity - Sleep Axis
RestoreZ Immunity - Sleep Axis $41.95


Reset circadian rhythm for sleep - don't knock yourself out! Pills that are designed to “make” us fall asleep dominate our sleep aid choices, but these products that try to force sleep can also cause further disruption to our circadian rhythm instead of restoring it. That is why side effects like sleepwalking, sleep eating, and feeling a “sleep hangover” in the morning are common. We sleep, but we don’t feel rested.

RestoreZ is a different kind of sleep product—in fact, it is a circadian rhythm product that influences sleep. It is designed to start helping you ease into sleep during the first week, but also help you resynchronize, enhance, and fix your circadian rhythm over the long term. Learn how to get a better sleep with RestoreZ!

Founding Story

When they set out to change the way people thought about wakefulness and sleep they knew they had to focus on the science behind the why. They also knew they’d have to dispel the myths behind most of the products on the market today—that sleep problems could be resolved by taking a pill that simply knocked you out. They were frustrated by the unscientific, unnatural and unproven focus of chasing sleep. It was maddening!

Their story started out like many. They were high-level executives looking for something different.
A different way to look at science.
A different way to build a company.
A different way to improve lives and impact health.
They spent their careers working side-by-side with the best in the industry inside the largest vitamin brands.
They learned, they grew and they were inspired.

They knew they wanted to do things differently. They wanted to bring groundbreaking innovation to market at groundbreaking speed. And they wanted to do it with authenticity, honesty and passion.

So, they joined forces and with their shared vision of educating the world on how their internal clocks rule our everyday lives and physical well beings, RestoreZ was born.

They're here to change how you perceive sleep and the science behind how to get better, deeper and more restorative sleep by bringing to the forefront the importance of our circadian rhythms. And, they're here to do it safely and naturally.

Team Bios

Jennifer Cooper has spent over 25 years in consumer healthcare, including supplement, food and over-the-counter drug companies. She has held senior management and scientific roles at companies in the US and Europe. She has consulted on products and business development projects in North America, Europe, Mexico and Asia and has lectured all over the world at supplement and drug conferences.

Ms. Cooper’s consulting work includes several Fortune 500 and multinational healthcare corporations, and she has developed and brought to market over 300 new products in more than a dozen countries with more than a billion dollars in revenue.

Mary Marbach began her legal career at Morrison & Foerster in Palo Alto, California working in the Corporate Finance Group, specializing in mergers and acquisitions and public company work. Mary moved to Florida in 2001 and joined Greenberg Traurig as an Associate in its Corporate & Securities Practice, focusing on corporate work for companies at all stages. In 2007, Mary went to work in house as Senior Transactional Counsel at Imperial Finance& Trading, a premium finance company in Boca Raton. She was there until 2009 when she joined Vitacost just weeks before its Initial Public Offering. It was at Vitacost that Mary developed her deep passion for the health and wellness industry. Mary left Vitacost after its acquisition by Kroger, and was Vice President, General Counsel at Wetherill Associates, Inc. and Chief Legal Officer at Twinlab Consolidation Corporation. She is currently the CEO at Savant Science Inc.

Mary is a Philadelphia native, who earned her BS at Syracuse University, her MBA at University of Miami and her JD at Boston University School of Law. She is admitted to practice law in Florida and California. She lives in Parkland with her husband Tripp, daughter Jenny and her three dogs. Mary is an avid marathon runner, Philadelphia Eagles and Syracuse basketball fan, and has attended 53 Bruce Springsteen concerts (so far!).




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