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Date Established 01/2021
Founder Andy Nguyen and Yong Zhou
Headquarters Vancouver, BC
Press Contact Carly Leviton Eilian


Rest Duvet offers a range of products that deliver personal comfort resulting in higher quality rest. By redefining the benchmarks of good rest through constant innovation in form, material and technology, Rest Duvet products are crafted with innovative materials not commonly used in bedding, to deliver a refreshing, transformative sleep experience. Through a direct-to-consumer approach, Rest Duvet offers customers premium products without the luxury price tags. Rest strives to treat all employees, partners, customers and the planet with respect, creating an overall positive, sustainable impact.

Founding Story

Rest Duvet was established to help consumers get higher quality sleep.

With an increase in stress and well-being issues in modern-day society, science is increasingly reaffirming that one of the key elements that is critical to cope with these lifestyle stressors is a high quality of sleep. However, people cannot get high quality sleep if they are not completely comfortable while sleeping.

Taking the time to speak with hundreds upon hundreds of people, Rest Duvet has found that most individuals neither actively think about the importance of their bedding in regards to getting a good night’s sleep, nor do enough about it.

As a hot sleeper himself, Rest Duvet co-founder Andy Nyguen, struggled with restless sweaty nights. This was made worse by the fact that his wife was a cold sleeper who needed warmth. They were incompatible sleepers sleeping in the same bed. Changing their bedding however, changed everything.

While competitors focus on softness and design, Rest Duvet goes further to analyze the science of heat dissipation, moisture wicking, antimicrobial silver and more to create a customized sleeping comfort that will help individuals get higher quality sleep.

Listening to the consumer is woven into the DNA of the brand. Rest Duvet works tirelessly to create products that will make a difference in customers lives, incorporating direct feedback from the people that know best.


Evercool™ Cooling Comforter
Evercool™ Cooling Comforter $199.00
Silvercool™ Performance Sheets
Silvercool™ Performance Sheets $299.00
Silvercool™ Pillowcases
Silvercool™ Pillowcases $79.00

Team Bios

A serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of management experience, Co-Founder of MTC Global and Rest Duvet Yong Zhou has successfully introduced dozens of international businesses and teams from across the world to China by helping them localize their business for the Chinese market. With the firm belief that digital transformation is the future of manufacturing and recognizing a trend of the globalization of Chinese enterprises, Zhou continues to utilize his international management experience, working closely with top manufacturers to help them build brands for overseas markets.

Graduating from the University of Birmingham with an undergraduate degree and an MBA, Zhou utilized his entrepreneurial skills to found his first company. Eventually acquired by American education group, KAPLAN, he then received tens of millions in investment from a leading venture capital institution for his next venture.

Zhou’s mission is to use digital means to transform traditional manufacturers and help connect them with consumers to better understand and quickly respond to their needs. He aims to continue bringing positive changes to stagnant industries and build modern solutions empowered by new science and technology advancements for current demands.

Zhou grew up in Shanghai and currently resides in Hangzhou, China. When not helping to build brands he enjoys time traveling with his family.

Andy Nguyen, Co-Founder of MTC Global and Co-Founder and CEO of Rest Duvet, has combined his vast professional business experience as well as deep understanding of the North American consumer to help manufacturers create new online brands for the North American market and beyond.

Born in Hong Kong, Nguyen moved to Vancouver, Canada at an early age. He received his Bachelors of Commerce from the University of British Columbia specializing in marketing, logistics and accounting. In 2014 Nguyen moved back to China to experience the incredible growth of the Chinese economy. He has held various positions at large companies including PwC, and co-founded his first company Halloween Craze early on in his career. For six years in Shanghai, he worked in the digital marketing industry helping international brands such as Costa Coffee, LEGO, and HK Disneyland expand their digital footprint in China. He also worked with Chinese brands like Ecovacs to enter international markets.

Through Co-Founding MTC and various brands like Rest Duvet, he aims to bring consumers and manufacturers close together to create more robust and consumer-centric products faster and more efficiently.

Nguyen lives in Shanghai, China with his family and enjoys cooking, running, traveling and staying on top of the political economy and his favorite North American sports teams. He also appreciates a good DIY project and an entertaining comic.




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