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Date Established 12/2019
Founder Veronica Lee
Headquarters Los Angeles, CA
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Heather Henderson


Remrise Sleep Vitamin
Remrise Sleep Vitamin $50.00
Remrise Sleep Powder
Remrise Sleep Powder $90.00


Go to sleep and stay asleep with Remrise, the new, all-natural sleep vitamin. Traditional sleep aids leave you feeling groggy and hazy the next morning because they simply sedate you. Remrise is different.

Made with 100% natural ingredients, this is the Goop-approved, non-melatonin, sleep-vitamin that leaves you ready to hit the ground running in the morning. Remrise now offers a 10-day supply in addition to its subscription-based service so you can try it for yourself and gift it to a tired friend or family member.

Founding Story

After trying every over-the-counter sleep aid and melatonin supplement on the market with suboptimal results, founder Veronica Lee took her sleep health into her own hands. She experimented with her own plant-based formulas using Eastern herbs that have been used for millennia, while adding amino acids and minerals that are often deficient in the Western diet. These formulas helped her fall asleep more quickly and get the restorative sleep her body craved. With that, Veronica set out to reinvent the idea of the sleep aid and thus, Remrise was born - a subscription-based sleep supplement company that provides a proprietary mixture of daily supplements taken about an hour before going to sleep. Remrise, the home of the most effective non-melatonin sleep aid, is Goop approved and adored by Vogue, Forbes, and Well + Good, amongst others.


Veronica Lee

Founding CEO

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