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Refrigerator Trim Kits

Our custom trim kits make any refrigerator look like a built-in appliance


Date Established 05/2020
Founder Sam Schaffler
Headquarters Tulsa, OK
Press Contact Sam Schaffler


Ever wonder why the refrigerator in most kitchens looks like an afterthought? Appliances such as the microwave, range, oven and dishwasher all look "built-in", but the refrigerator still has ugly, uneven gaps around it. It looks unfinished.

Until Refrigerator Trim Kits was created, the only way to solve this issue was to shell out thousands of extra dollars for a "built-in" or "integrated" refrigerator. Their patent-pending trim kits offer an alternative solution which is saves thousands while still achieving a beautiful, built-in look.

They are on a mission to help homeowners get the high-end look of a built-in refrigerator while saving thousands and boosting home value. Each kit is custom fabricated in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Founding Story

The idea for Refrigerator Trim Kits occured when Sam and his wife, Raegan, visited an appliance store during their kitchen remodel. Raegan loved the look of the Sub-Zero and Viking built-in refrigerators, but Sam couldn't get over the cost ($10-$12K). That number was definitely not in the bloated budget they were already pressing against.

Being an inventor, he looked across the showroom at the much more affordable counter depth refrigerators and thought..."why can't I make one of those look like a Sub-Zero?". He went home and got to work. After many months, the first trim kit was installed in Ragean and Sam's newly remodeled kitchen. They were so happy with how it turned out that Sam decided to start making the kits for others.

Team Bios

Sam Schaffler


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I received refrigerator trim kit today right in-line with your updates. About one hour ago I made time to open packaging. I am very pleased with trim kit for the following was a delight ordering kit through your guidance and help. You are truly a man of your word. On time delivery. Excellent packaging. Trim kit build quality. Component sizing was exact fit. Was a breeze to install took 15 minutes. It looks truly amazing. P.S I am an award winning builder of high-end custom homes. In my 30 years of business Sam you are one of the top supplier experiences I have had.


Custom Home Builder

This was the best purchase I made during my remodel! The trim kit turned my $3,000 fridge into looking like a custom $10,000 fridge. Would absolutely recommend. Super easy installation.

Aryan Ghodrat

Home Owner


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