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Date Established 01/2018
Founder Genevieve Bellaire
Headquarters New York City
Press Contact Sara Spiegel



Adulting is hard, and college grads are flying blind when it comes to real world decisions like health care, retirement savings, and taxes. There's never been a concerted effort to close the knowledge gap between campus and workplace.  Realworld is changing that with their new app and platform that empowers young adults to conquer the real world. The free platform holds a library how-to books presented in the form of a friendly, easy to understand conversation on topics like Job Offers & Negotiations, Renters Insurance, Mental Health, Credit Score. Equipping young adults with real world knowledge early on will only make them more engaged citizens and successful adults. Everything there's to know available ready to use. Getting 'real world' ready just got easier! 

Founding Story

Despite educational opportunities and supportive family and friends, Geneieve Bellaire was unprepared to navigate life in the real world, a reality she was forced to confront in her first job at an investment bank. Seeing an opportunity to create meaningful change in the post-graduate experiences of her peers, she founded Realworld. Accessibility was essential to Genevieve which is why the Realworld app is free to all and personalized to each user. RealWorld creates to-do lists with step-by-step lessons explaining all things “adult” in simple, easy-to-understand explanations, and suggests products to help its users apply what is learned in the app to everyday life. It is Geneveieve's personal experience that drives the Realworld mission: to empower young adults to conquer the real world. Getting “real world ready” is easier when the concepts are broken down into terms twenty-somethings can understand and share.

Genevieve raised over $3 million in Series A and just closed on soon to be announced Series B. She leads a team of 10 out of the New York City office. She has made a name for herself as woman in the NYC tech world and hopes to be a role model for women and next generation of leaders.


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