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Date Established 04/2018
Founder Lopa van der Mersch
Headquarters Boulder
Press Contact Lopa van der Mersch


Original Rasa
Original Rasa $28.00
Super Mega Sampler Pack
Super Mega Sampler Pack $45.00
Cacao $28.00
Dirty $28.00
Bold $48.00
Calm $48.00
Spicy Rose Cacao
Spicy Rose Cacao $38.00
Super Happy Sunshine
Super Happy Sunshine $38.00
Crème de la Creamer
Crème de la Creamer $32.00
AIP-Friendly $28.00
Well, Well, Wellderberry
Well, Well, Wellderberry $38.00


Rasa is here to change the way you energize. They're the first coffee alternative that energizes without caffein, with a line of adaptogen-packed herbal blends that are roasty, rich, and robust enough to scratch that coffee itch. All of their 9 products are formulated by their Chief Herbalist, a master clinical herbalist who crafts each blend for both flavor and function. With between 1000-10,000 mg of adaptogens per cup, these products earn the term superfunctional.

Rasa is a Public Benefit Corporation with a commitment to every part of their equitable supply chain, sourcing sustainable herbs from traditional growing regions and pioneering compostable packaging in their category. They have built a 48-herb supply chain that spans 15 countries and is impressive in its sustainability and ethics, especially for a young company.

They believe in the model of being community-owned, which is why they are pursuing crowdfunding for capital to fund the meteoric growth they see as possible for this brand. Their private crowdfunding round has raised nearly $1M, and their public crowdfunding round will be launching in October.

They also are proponents of radical transparency and will share information that other businesses in the CPG space tend not to: think "open-source CPG." They want to help pioneer their industry so they can do what they came here to do: make the world a little brighter in their own unique way.

Founding Story

Necessity was the mother of this invention! And for Lopa, becoming a mother herself was a big driver of that necessity.

She'd had an epically stressful year—she left a traumatically-abusive spiritual community, had emergency back surgery (while pregnant), moved across country, lost a beloved family member, had a traumatic Cesarean birth, and then a dramatic falling out with her family…and then had a precious baby waking her up all hours of the night.

She was beaten down and exhausted, and coffee just led to jitters, anxiety, and even worse sleep.

The available alternatives left something to be desired, which had her questioning why there were so few delicious, energizing options…and coffee itself as a daily ritual went so culturally unquestioned even though it comes with addiction and side effects.

So she partnered with an herbalist to create Rasa: delicious, *super*functional coffee alternatives that lean on adaptogens for energy rather than stimulants.


Lopa van der Mersch

Founder & CEO

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Her life has taken some wide turns, but Lopa's always had an obsession with energy. After dropping out of college, she moved to Costa Rica to caretake a wildlife refuge in virgin rainforest. There was no electricity, and the nearest 100-person town was a two hour boat ride away. She became intimately acquainted with the power of nature, and developed a profound respect for its energy and our place within it.

In her early 20s, she took initiation into a Kashmiri Shaivite Tantra lineage, and spent the better part of a decade in deep study and practice of Yoga, Ayurveda, & meditation—spending a total of 6 months in retreat and thousands of hours in meditation, working with energy in its many forms. Midway through that journey, she felt the pull to bring her practice into more direct benefit of the world at large.

She went on to co-found two climate solution companies, worked with Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room, lobbied at the United Nations, spoke at TEDxBerkley, traveled to a total of 26 countries, and, finally, started Rasa.

Ben LeVine

Chief Herbalist & Co-founder

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Sitting quietly atop a Colorado mountain peak, Ben LeVine felt a voice from his favorite herb that would define his future: “You were meant to become an herbalist. Just let the plants guide you.” That path has led him to the farthest corners of the Earth and back, driven to unravel the mysteries of the world’s most powerful plants. Now as Co-Founder and Chief Herbalist of Rasa, he’s using those potent herbal secrets to revolutionize your morning energy ritual with the power of adaptogens.


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