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A leading natural snack brand known for delivering industry firsts using only 100% REAL ingredients and a commitment to transparency and sustainability.


Date Established 09/2010
Founder Kristy Lewis
Headquarters Boulder, CO
Press Contact Liz Chatfield


Movie Night Popcorn Variety Kit
Movie Night Popcorn Variety Kit $26.99
Peanut Butter Filled Nuggets
Peanut Butter Filled Nuggets $5.49
Classic Sea Salt Twists
Classic Sea Salt Twists $4.99
Classic Sea Salt Sticks
Classic Sea Salt Sticks $4.99
Touch of Honey Sticks
Touch of Honey Sticks $4.99
Deli Rye Style Rods
Deli Rye Style Rods $4.99
Popping Kernels
Popping Kernels $4.99
Aged Parmesan & Rosemary
Aged Parmesan & Rosemary $4.99
Real Butter & Sea Salt
Real Butter & Sea Salt $4.99
White Cheddar & Sea Salt
White Cheddar & Sea Salt $4.99
Vermont Maple Kettle Corn
Vermont Maple Kettle Corn $4.99
Just Sea Salt
Just Sea Salt $4.99
Movie Theater Extra Butter
Movie Theater Extra Butter $4.99


Female-founded Quinn is a leading natural snack brand known for delivering industry firsts using only 100% REAL ingredients and a commitment to transparency and sustainability. Quinn’s ‘Be Better. Do Better. ™’ initiative is a commitment to support and seek out agriculture partners who are taking steps to improve their practices, thereby improving our food supply and environment. Their Farm to Bag™ initiative showcases their commitment to transparency by providing details about their ingredients, growers, and suppliers right on their website.

First-to-market Quinn products include the 1st non-GMO, organic microwave popcorn made with only real ingredients in a patented PURE POP® bag made with compostable paper that is free of chemicals, plastic, and heat-conducting susceptors; the 1st pretzels on the market made with whole grain, naturally gluten-free sorghum; the 1st gluten-free peanut butter filled pretzel nuggets, the 1st maple almond butter filled pretzel nuggets, and the 1st plant-based cheese-filled pretzel nuggets.Launched in 2010, Quinn is known for making delicious gluten-free pretzels and microwave popcorn using only 100% REAL, simple ingredients and kicking artificial ingredients and unpronounceables to the curb. Quinn is available nationwide in over 6,500 retail locations including Whole Foods, Walmart, Kroger and online through Amazon and Thrive Market.

Founding Story

Kristy, mom of three little boys, launched Quinn in 2010 with no prior food industry experience just three days after her first son, Quinn, was born. Since founding Quinn ten years ago, Kristy has been on a mission to transform our food system for the better, through ingredient transparency and working to advance agriculture towards a more regenerative approach. She hosts the “Be Better. Do Better.™” Podcast which features guests fighting for change and doing good in their industries.

Kristy was highlighted by Whole Foods two years in a row, last year first for Women leaders ‘Raising the Bar’ and this year for ‘Female Firsts’, recognizing women entrepreneurs who inspire and motivate others to create new and better products. Not only this but she was also honored as one of the Most Promising Women Entrepreneurs by Fortune Magazine.

Team Bios

Kristy Lewis

Founder / CEO

see bio

In less than ten years, Kristy Lewis, Founder and CEO of Quinn and mom of three under 10, has built a leading snack brand with a mission to better our food system and our planet. Through her commitment to ingredient transparency, sourcing, and social responsibility, Kristy has delivered multiple snack industry “firsts” using real ingredients without chemicals or artificial ingredients via her Farm to Bag™ initiative. Her new Be Better. Do Better.™ mission digs deeper into food transparency by working directly with farmers to implement regenerative agriculture practices that not only improve soil health but also integrate the crop into their supply chain. Here’s a recent article about this mission.

Kristy also recently launched the Be Better. Do Better.™ Podcast. to showcase folks, who like her, are fighting for change and doing it differently, for the better, despite how difficult it might be, and as a way to spread the word about the vital role the agriculture industry and CPG brands play in improving the health of our planet. “Quinn has pushed me to learn everything I can about agriculture, farmers, packaged food, this planet, how they connect and why it all matters,” said Lewis.

Through her newest endeavor, Band of Brands, Kristy hopes to unite food and beverage CPG brands seeking to utilize ingredients grown with regenerative agriculture processes. Kristy knows small, independent brands can have a greater impact by working together to contract out acres, secure greater volume, and incentivize growers to take a chance on doing things differently. Ultimately, Band of Brands has the potential to move agriculture in the right direction while simultaneously providing support to like-minded brands and educating other brands, retailer partners, investors, and consumers on why this all matters.


Whole Foods
Mother's Market
New Seasons
Earth Fare
The Fresh Market
Thrive Market
Fresh Direct


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