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Quinn Snacks is a mission-driven snack brand known for creating crazy delicious gluten-free pretzels and popcorn and the company’s commitment to ingredient transparency and regenerative agriculture practices.


Date Established 09/2010
Founder Kristy Lewis
Headquarters Boulder, CO
Press Contact Liz Chatfield


Vegan Pretzels & Popcorn Bundle
Vegan Pretzels & Popcorn Bundle $31.99
Movie Night Popcorn Variety Kit
Movie Night Popcorn Variety Kit $26.99
White Cheddar & Sea Salt
White Cheddar & Sea Salt $4.99
Aged Parmesan & Rosemary
Aged Parmesan & Rosemary $4.99
Real Butter & Sea Salt
Real Butter & Sea Salt $4.99
Peanut Butter Filled Nuggets
Peanut Butter Filled Nuggets $5.49
Classic Sea Salt Twists
Classic Sea Salt Twists $4.99
Classic Sea Salt Sticks
Classic Sea Salt Sticks $4.99
Touch of Honey Sticks
Touch of Honey Sticks $4.99
Vermont Maple Kettle Corn
Vermont Maple Kettle Corn $4.99
Just Sea Salt
Just Sea Salt $4.99
Movie Theater Extra Butter
Movie Theater Extra Butter $4.99
Pop-At-Home Popcorn Kernels
Pop-At-Home Popcorn Kernels $4.99


Quinn Snacks, founded by Kristy Lewis over a decade ago, is shaking up the food industry by reinventing classic snacks, using crazy delicious and intentionally sourced real ingredients.Quinn is on a mission to make real change to our food system through ingredient transparencyand sourcing partnerships with farmers working to advance regenerative agriculture.

Quinn is known for its industry firsts: world’s first microwave popcorn in a patented Pure Pop Bag® made of compostable paper with no chemical or plastic coatings, first whole grain gluten-free pretzel and first and only gluten-free filled pretzel nuggets.

Found nationally in nearly 20,000 stores, Quinn is one of the fastest growing Natural & Specialty Pretzel brands. Learn more at

Founding Story

Kristy Lewis, a Boulder, CO mom of three boys, launched Quinn Snacks just three days after her first son, Quinn, was born in 2010. Out of frustration with the chemicals and artificial ingredients in her favorite childhood snacks, Kristy set out on a mission to revolutionize the food industry. She invented and patented the Pure Pop Bag® microwave popcorn bag, made with compostable paper and no synthetic chemical or plastic coatings, such as PFOAs and PFCs. She continued her mission of reinventing classic snacks by launching a line of gluten-free pretzels made from whole grain sorghum and the first and only gluten-free filled pretzel nuggets.

For the past 12 years, Kristy has learned everything she can about agriculture, farmers, packaged food, the planet, and how they all connect. Grounded in exploration, in 2013 Quinn launched their Ingredient Transparency Policy, born from the belief that transparency is the most powerful force for good in food. Quinn also partners with farmers to advance regenerative agriculture, an approach to growing food that has a positive impact on soil health, ecosystems, communities, and also human health.

Kristy was chosen by Whole Foods Market as one of the 'Women Makers: Raising the Bar'. This award highlights women and industry leaders who inspire and motivate others to create new and better products. She was honored as one of the ‘Most Promising Women Entrepreneurs’ by Fortune Magazine, and Quinn Snacks was named ‘Snack Producer of the Year’ by Snack Food and Wholesale Bakery.

Team Bios

Kristy Lewis

Founder / CEO

see bio

In less than ten years, Kristy Lewis, Founder and CEO of Quinn and mom of three under 10, has built a leading snack brand with a mission to better our food system and our planet. Through her commitment to ingredient transparency, sourcing, and social responsibility, Kristy has delivered multiple snack industry “firsts” using real ingredients without chemicals or artificial ingredients via her Farm to Bag™ initiative. Her new Be Better. Do Better.™ mission digs deeper into food transparency by working directly with farmers to implement regenerative agriculture practices that not only improve soil health but also integrate the crop into their supply chain. Here’s a recent article about this mission.

Kristy also recently launched the Be Better. Do Better.™ Podcast. to showcase folks, who like her, are fighting for change and doing it differently, for the better, despite how difficult it might be, and as a way to spread the word about the vital role the agriculture industry and CPG brands play in improving the health of our planet. “Quinn has pushed me to learn everything I can about agriculture, farmers, packaged food, this planet, how they connect and why it all matters,” said Lewis.

Through her newest endeavor, Band of Brands, Kristy hopes to unite food and beverage CPG brands seeking to utilize ingredients grown with regenerative agriculture processes. Kristy knows small, independent brands can have a greater impact by working together to contract out acres, secure greater volume, and incentivize growers to take a chance on doing things differently. Ultimately, Band of Brands has the potential to move agriculture in the right direction while simultaneously providing support to like-minded brands and educating other brands, retailer partners, investors, and consumers on why this all matters.


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